Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well...hello there.

Some of you may have noticed I took a long break from my blog. It was hard at first but then it just kind of got easier, allowed me more time to read blogs and comment and also gave me time to think about all that is going on in my life and figure out where I would like to head.

Things with The Boy were and then continued to be complicated and messy....then they were finally done, life moved on.

I think one of the things you forget about when your blogging and wanting to share your life and make new friends with people on the internets is that your blog is public. It's public to those people out there just waiting for you screw up and out there for assholes to mess with you.

It took a big crappy event for me to realize a lot of things going on in my life. People change, relationships change, the way you react to events in your life and people changes and when I finally picked myself off, dusted off my ass and put my big girl panties on I realized I am going to be just effing fine...great even!

So what I'm really saying is...

There is so damn much to catch everyone up on but for now...I'm back to stalking all your blogs and eventually getting some semblance of a blogging routine going!

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