Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On Humpdays...

Remember that time I said I would get ahead of myself and set up some posts for winter break...yea I remember that too. Didn't happen. I keep wanting to sit for a minute and pull out my laptop but then I look at my laptop think...."egh later" which really means never. So lets confess...

- I have not worked out since before break started...I'm terrible. But really...who wants to do that when they could be relaxing! 

- I have been doing some real research on schools out of state since I need to join a program next year and I think it would be great to go somewhere warmer than Chicago! 

- I don't make resolutions and I have no intention to start although maybe promising myself that I will make the absolute most of the next year then that might count? That is what I tell myself every year and it always works out!! 

- Finally there are plans for NYE and now I am not sure I wouldn't rather sit on my ass at home? Eeepp....

- I was thinking it over and over and making excuses for myself and then I decided that I am a bum so I am going to join Lauren  and Amy for a January Whole 30! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

On Mondays...After Christmas

Can you believe it is the Monday after Christmas already? Counting down the last days of 2015! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great weekend too.

This year my Christmas was a little different and I loved it. I spent Christmas Eve morning baking cookies with The Boyfriend and then headed to my parents for a PJ Christmas.

 Usually there are so many of us we don't get to sit at one table but this year we asked the extended family to join us later in the evening so we could all sit at one table together.

Opened lots of great gifts and had our gingerbread contest...which I lost for the 1st time(my mom is a cheat!!)

On Christmas day we opened gifts from Santa and then headed to the movies in our new pajamas to see Daddys Home! It was super funny and highly recommended!

After the movie I headed to celebrate with The Boyfriend's family. This is a first for me because I am pretty adamant about not splitting holidays, I don't like the stress of getting from one place to the other and people waiting for you or being disappointed on a holiday. Since after the movie is usually the time I head home it actually worked out perfectly that they have dinner on Christmas day.

I got some gifts from his family and him and clearly with that book he knows me very well!! 

He got me some great gifts this year...

On our first vacation together we took a sailboat trip in Costa cute is that charm???
It was a great Christmas and a fantastically relaxing weekend! How was your Christmas???

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On Wednesdays...

Oooh man I can't believe it is Wednesday already! For some reason I thought that Christmas was this Saturday/Sunday so I didn't plan my days well! Luckily I am all wrapped, done and ready to run the last of errands and get my food prepped for tomorrow.

thought I might share some confessions...

- I have slept till 10 everyday this week and its magnificent!

- I almost killed The Boyfriend because he almost made us late to see The Lion King...It was a deadly calm kind of scary, I didn't freak out but in my mind I was threatening serious bodily harm.

-This rainy weather business is no fun...cold and rainy sucks. Big time.

- I'm typing this on my phone and have no idea how to use this new app on my new phone so there will be no fun pictures.

- I'm very excited to get my ass into gear starting Saturday morning...hoping to get started before the resolution crowd starts their take over of the gyms.

- Still no clue what i am doing for NYE and Im not even stressed about it...this is a big deal for me.

I hope you guys all have a fantastic rest of your week!!! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

On a Christmas Gift Swap: Reveal!

I love love Christmas gift swaps, I have to force myself not to enter more than 1 or 2 because I will get carried away and spend all my pennies on swaps!

This year I joined a blogger swap:

I got paired up with Lauren from Life with Lolo! We exchanged info and got to shopping. She definitely gave me some good ideas to shop for her so I was glad, sometimes people don't( like me!) I loved stalking her blog and getting to know her and will definitely continue to follow so check her out!! 

When I got my gifts I was so excited, she did such a great job!! 

How great are these gifts??? I already used the purse, the ornament is hanging on my tree and the chalkboard has been getting plenty of use around the house! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

On Fridays Faves!!!

Let me tell you ladies...I am so happy it is Friday! Last day before Winter Break and its only really a few hours of work!!

- The Boyfriend and I finally had sushi this week and I was a happy camper...I wont even tell you how much I was disturbing. 

- This is the last photo my coworkers and I took together before we dispersed for the crazy! 

- Guess who is going to see Lion King this weekend??? Oh yea bitches!! ME!!! wooooo!!!! The boyfriend got us tickets for my xmas gift that I have been asking for since May! Wooo! 

- Tickets to see Adele went in July when she comes to CHicago went on sale yesterday. 3 days and no damn tickets. I tried all morning and couldn't get any!!! 

I would say I have a 5th but I am trying to get the eff out of here!! I promise not to disappear just because I am on winter break but if you need me I will have my face shoved in a book!! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On ways to piss off bloggers...

I have wanted to write this one for a while...I spent quite a few times giggling as I typed it too. 
I am sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about but please feel free to tell me what else you think pisses bloggers off! 

Ways to piss off a blogger....

In real life....

- Not be patient with them when they want to take 5 million photos of dinner or drinks before you eat it
- Take them someplace that has shitty lighting (how will they photograph their food, and outfit, and drink, and perfectly placed hand w/Michael Kors watch?) 
- Complain about taking 100 photos of them in the same outfit posing 20+ different ways while its damn cold outside 
- Make a joke about their "blog thing" they do 
- Get annoyed when they say "I have to blog about this" or "Wait, I need to _____ for my blog."

-  Hate on the newest fashion "must have". For example, right now it is Blanket scarves - I hate them. Not going to lie. Too big and unless you weigh next to nothing they just add to the winter bulk that is not cute as it is.

- Hate on fancy planners. - I want one badly. So for now...I hate on them.

- Bitch about "Big" bloggers and all the things they are doing wrong and ways they are trying to tell you "Blog do's & don'ts" on your blog.  - I am always doing it all wrong so it just makes me laugh

- Complain in a post about anyone who suddenly tries to make any money off their blog...i.e. they are selling out, i'm sick of seeing ads, they have all these sponsored posts. - ummm if I can make some money you bet your ass I will. 

- Link up without actually posting about the topic. - no gracias. I looked at your page to see a post regarding the link up not to see 100 photos of you in an outfit

- Be a no-reply commenter - I just feel bad I can't reply back man!

- If you want to piss off mommy bloggers- Talk about children without having any - this is my fave. People get so angry when you talk about kids and don't have any. Apparently working with children for longer than they have had them isn't enough to know a damn thing.

- Show off all the wonderful, beautiful, fantastic things in your perfectly lit, posed and decorated life. - this always pisses people off on any social media

Can you add to this list?? What have you observed getting all the blogger panties into a twist?? 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On Humpdays...

Its that time again!!!

I confess...

- I feel like I got run over by a truck...Of course I get sick right before break...of course.

- All these people complaining about not getting a real winter because its over 50...ummm yes please. I will take no snow and bitter cold any time. Want to switch lives for the months of Dec-March in Chicago? Lets chat. 

- I am dealing with a situation where I need to be mean and I can't. Its a problem I have. I am such a pushover sometimes and then I end up snapping when I could have handled it better to begin with....Egh! 

- The Boyfriend and I have no clue what we will do for NYE. This is the first time in like 7 years where I don't already have a plan of either throwing a party or tickets to a big party. What does this mean??? Am I getting old? 

- Now that I'm done with shopping and just have my crafty things left to do for Christmas I am struggling not to shop for myself. I want it all!! 

- Remember how well I was doing eating cleaner and keeping it low carb...well that is went out the window. So much for dropping a couple pounds by Christmas??! 

That is all I have for you today...what are you confessing??

Alanna & Company

Monday, December 14, 2015

On Mondays after TBOX....

How is it Monday already?? how??!?

Just need to make it through this week...
This weekend was actually super busy and productive which might shock you if you knew that I spent most of the day Saturday drinking. But I made it happen!

Friday - was pretty relaxing...I had a big weekend ahead of me.

Saturday - #TBOX2015 The boyfriend got up ridiculously early and made us a big breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon) and we had a couple shots before we headed out to meet his friends and start the festivities! And basically it was drunken happy from then on.

This is the best of 5 pictures...

Probably my 8th cereal shot of the day 

He was really serious about getting all the cereal

Lets just say I had a damn great day! Also...I was damn drunk so forgive the fact that my eyes are barely open in any of the photos! We were done and in bed by 4:30 and that was basically all we could do with ourselves for Saturday! 

Sunday- I went to a Friends place for a Ladies Christmas Tea party she has every year! I brought along my mom and we ate, drank some spiced cider and crafted a little bit. It was a great time! We also went an aunts house to have dinner and then to a Christmas Festival show...busy busy busy. 

OOh boy this is picture heavy....sorry!! I hope you all had a great weekend!!

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