Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Costa Rica!

I have no idea where to even begin with posting about this trip. First I just want to say how exciting it was for me to go on a trip with the boyfriend. It was a very new experience for me and it turned out well.

I'll start giving some info on how we booked and where we stayed!

{Looking for a flight}
I was really limited on when I could go, had two sets of dates that would work either 4 days in May  or 7 for my spring break in April. So I got on and made an alert for both sets of dates.

This was incredibly helpful since it searches most airlines and also gives you alerts for when the prices drop or increase, even by $5.

{Where to go}
Well...Costa Rica was obviously the destination but there are lots of places to visit there. I asked the bf what he would like to do and see and then we compared notes. We agreed the beach was a must and that ziplining in the cloud forest was also priority. So we looked and read reviews and decided on staying in Tamarindo, Guancaste  

and going to

Monteverde for ziplining & the cloud forest.

We stayed one night in Alajuela so we could try to see the Poas Volcano. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy so we just got in a very very long hike that day. 

{Where to sleep} 
I also decided that since I have stayed in many many all inclusive resorts I did not want to do that with this trip. Costa Rica is really known for national parks as well as beautiful beaches so I took to to look for some places to stay. They can be places owned by someone or actual rooms in a persons home. One of the places we stayed was in someone's home on a side of the mountain.

This is the place we stayed in Tamarindo 
It is 4 bungalows about 5 minutes from the beach owned by an American woman. We didn't get to meet her since she was on a trip while we were there but her boyfriend and staff were so kind and helpful. Also, the breakfast made every morning was fantastic!
The photo on the airbnb page!

and our views!


This is the house on the side of the mountain near the Poas Volcano in Alajuela!
 It is owned by a Costa Rican man and has a lot of rooms. We were not expecting such a great view of the mountainside. He was really kind and helpful as well! We ended up walking down the hill about 3 minutes and taking the public bus up the side of the mountain to visit the volcano.

 The view from the giant patio on the side of the house.

 Good job on my part not getting more photos :( 

Here is the place we stayed in Monteverde
This is an adorable treehouse like apartment behind the mainhouse. It is owned by a half expat family. They were so nice! She was great when I cancelled our first night last minute to stay another day in Tamarindo and her husband came out that night to show us the sloth hanging out in the trees behind the house!She even had fresh baked banana bread waiting for us when we got there! 

Since we loved the beach bungalows so much we actually stayed an extra night and only spent a night each at the other places which were on the way to and back from Tamarindo. Everyone we met was so kind and helpful and just generally wonderful. We both agreed that we would return and recommend these places to anyone looking to visit Costa Rica! 

I'll share some photos of the actual trip in the next post! 


BLovedBoston said...

What a wonderful trip!! We have costa rica on our list of places to go and now I'm hoping we can move it up quickly! Ziplining is one of my favorite activities to do on vacation! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Gorgeous pictures! Costa Rica has been up there on my places to go next, and YES to ziplining :-D

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