Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Faves!!

I seriously could not be more happy it is Friday. This week has been ridiculous! I am trying so hard not to get sick even though a nasty stomach bug is going around the school.

{1} - Scented hand sanitizer!
  I shake 100+ little hands a day and I try my best to wash my hands as much as possible! It never fails that right after I wash my hands a kid walks up and says "good morning" and shakes my hand. NEVER FAILS.This one is my new favorite right now! Smells like a vacation in a bottle!

{2} - Obsessed with this song....Tyler Farr - "A Guy Walks into a Bar" 

{3} - My Birthday...
Sooo my birthday is coming! Yay for 30th...right?? Anyway I made a plan for this awesome booze cruise thing because I wanted to do something different.  Now the problem is where to go after since we got off the boat so late!! Eeeeeep!

{4} -On workouts...
  What workouts? When? I keep saying I am going to get my crap together and then I go to the gym 2x in a week. Sad story I tell you. Sad Story. 

{5} - It's Memorial Day weeekend! 
I dont know if we are going to get nice weather but I hope so! I'm ready for the kick off of the summer season around here!!! 

I hope you all  have a wonderful and hopefully long weekend!! 

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