Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On long weekends....

Wouldn't it be great if after you came back from a long day you were allowed to nap at work? I really think I need to be better about not messing up my sleep schedule on long weekends! That being said I had just the right amount of relaxing and fun this weekend!

Now that I am blogging again I really must be better about taking photos of things I do! I am working on it though!

Friday... night I had dinner w/the boyfriend at my fave thai place and then snuggled up and watched Inglorious Basterds (Thank  you Netflix for that)

Saturday... I spent the day relaxing and did manage to get a little workout in before  heading to watch the Blackhawks game with my two besties! Luckily they won or I was going to be banned from watching anymore playoff games. Superstition is serious business around here. (again I need to be better about taking photos!)

Sunday....The weather was not cooperating so there was rain all day on and off. Perfect for laying around and reading before heading out to the Belmont Sheffield Street Fest that night w/the Boyfriend. We managed to get rained out for a bit so we headed to get some food at a place inside and then went back. If you are in Chicago you must must try Dinky Donuts, they don't have a store front yet but will be selling at Street Fests this summer!

Monday....I spent the day with my family having a bbq and just sitting around enjoying the weather (once it stopped pouring)

It was a great weekend! 
Finally in the last full(kinda) week of school too!!!
How was your long weekend??


Kerri Taylor said...

what a great weekend! and who doesn't love family time?? give me whatever cocktail you have there please and thank you :) xo


Krysten Quiles said...

Your weekend sounds AMAZING!

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