Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On last minute trips?

I am going on cruise this weekend! I leave on Thursday! Yay! Also...I have never been on a cruise and I have that whole ridiculously irrational fear of open water and anything that swims in it...even manatees(yes I have a problem) but that is ok I am still going to make the very best of it!

We are going on Carnival Paradise

It stops in Cozumel which should be fun! I have been there for Spring Break but it has been many years. I have no idea what to pack! I am actually a very good carry on packer but I am trying to figure out what one wears on a cruise ship?? 

Have you been on a cruise? Do you have any tips on what to pack?? 

On sweet nights w/the boyfriend

Ok so that title is kind of long right? That is ok! I have had a lot of fun nights with my boo this summer! We are at almost a year now and I can't but think how quickly time flies! If you had asked me last year if I thought I'd be as happy with someone as I am right now I couldn't have even imagined it. Luckily I found an awesome guy and since a lot of the pics don't really warrant a whole post I thought I would just share some of my favorites!

Sometimes we hang out on rooftops...

We take walks to see fireworks....

and act all romantic like when we watch them...
 Sometimes he comes to weddings that I am standing up in....
 And smiles for me anyway...
 Or tries to eat my face...
 Sometimes we act like tourists on random Wednesday nights...

 Sometimes I get kisses while waiting in line for rollercoasters...

This post is super cheesy but I couldn't help myself!

Friday, August 7, 2015

On Bar Crawls w/mustaches!

My friend Toni convinced me we should try out the Mustache Crawl this year and I am not really one to turn down a day of drinking with friends! I don't know if you guys are familiar with Eventbrite but I am starting to love them! I love being able to just have my ticket on my phone with their app without having to print things up and bring them with me.

It was a HOT hot day...sweating our asses off the entire time but still having a great time. We started out at John Barleycorn in Wrigley and had their breakfast and picked up our shirts & coupons. We went in the bathroom and cut up our shirts (Because why not?) and got started!

 The downside was waiting outside in the heat for the next bar! 

I was down for the count by 5 which worked out since it started pouring!! I didn't manage to do another thing that day besides nurse a hangover that started at 10 pm.

I'll just leave you with this video to start your weekend! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

On Full Moon Jams

I've been saying for a while now that I really want to make it to the Full Moon Jams here in Chicago. My friend is a bellydancer & fire spinner and she has definitely introduced me to the awesome community. She is now in Thailand living it up spinning fire on Koh Phi Phi and since I miss her so much I thought I would check out some fire spinners here and just daydream about when she will be back in Chicago!

Before the jam actually starts there is free yoga to anyone who wants to join! My roomie and I decided to get there early, set up our blanket and then take advantage of free yoga outside!

Then the fire spinning & drum circle began! I was just in awe of the skills and I really wanted to get up and dance but my roomie wasn't having it. Next time I will definitely get in there and shake it!

They even had some people doing some crazy things with LED hula hoops! 


It was a great time, lots of  kind and interesting people and I will definitely try to make it to the next one this month!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On life in the summer...

So I have no clue how a whole two weeks since I posted but that is summer life. I've been keeping insanely busy doing all the fun things I can manage. I thought I would post them all at once but it would be more fun to share in a few posts.

So to begin...an update on my summer bucket list:

{1.} SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding & SUP Yoga!
{2.}   Hiking at Starved Rock 
{3.} Camping! I went camping once as a kid but I have to get myself prepped for Symbiosis in September and 5 days of car camping! 
 {4.} Have a BBQ - at home or on the beach 
{5.} Make it to a Full Moon Fire Jam
{6.} Movies in the park at Millenium 
{7.} Spend a day at the beach with my bestie 
{8.} Meet some new friends
{9.} Workout outside as much as possible 
{10.} Spend a day hunting down food trucks and being a tourist 
{11.}  Go see my friend in Utah (this one might be hard but I hope to make it happen) 
 I think I have made some serious progress considering I posted that a list a little over a month ago. #11 is definitely not going to happen, and try as I might to organize it I don't think that #3 will either. 

I had a great time Paddleboarding but since I plan to do it again and hopefully get more pictures I will wait to post about that. 
I've spent more days than I can count at the beach already this summer, I'm actually headed there right after I finish this post! 

Please excuse the ridiculous cleavage in this photo...just noticed it now. 

Are you working on your summer bucket list???

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