Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On life in the summer...

So I have no clue how a whole two weeks since I posted but that is summer life. I've been keeping insanely busy doing all the fun things I can manage. I thought I would post them all at once but it would be more fun to share in a few posts.

So to update on my summer bucket list:

{1.} SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding & SUP Yoga!
{2.}   Hiking at Starved Rock 
{3.} Camping! I went camping once as a kid but I have to get myself prepped for Symbiosis in September and 5 days of car camping! 
 {4.} Have a BBQ - at home or on the beach 
{5.} Make it to a Full Moon Fire Jam
{6.} Movies in the park at Millenium 
{7.} Spend a day at the beach with my bestie 
{8.} Meet some new friends
{9.} Workout outside as much as possible 
{10.} Spend a day hunting down food trucks and being a tourist 
{11.}  Go see my friend in Utah (this one might be hard but I hope to make it happen) 
 I think I have made some serious progress considering I posted that a list a little over a month ago. #11 is definitely not going to happen, and try as I might to organize it I don't think that #3 will either. 

I had a great time Paddleboarding but since I plan to do it again and hopefully get more pictures I will wait to post about that. 
I've spent more days than I can count at the beach already this summer, I'm actually headed there right after I finish this post! 

Please excuse the ridiculous cleavage in this photo...just noticed it now. 

Are you working on your summer bucket list???

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