Tuesday, September 8, 2015

On Back to School...

First let me say I have missed blogging! I don't know what keeps happening...well I do...Summer. I am not at all happy to be back to school guys...not at all. Our school came back a week before the CPS (Chicago Public Schools) so we had a rush to get everything done during staff week and then when the kids started. Its been insane. Also...there is no air conditioning in the building. Only window units in the classrooms and OF COURSE it decided to get to the 90's here in Chicago the first two weeks of school.

Not the week before I went back full time...when it was 60-70's...no once I am back full time in a building with no AC. Damn you Chicago weather...Damn you!

That all being said...I had a wonderful long Labor Day weekend!! It was busy without being crazy but I realized I did not take any pictures that were not of food all weekend. I have a problem. I need to get back into Blogging mode and start snapping those pictures!!

I have made major progress on enjoying every single drop of summer that I can before everyone starts with the pumpkin spice and boots. STOP. Unless it is under 80 for two weeks straight I refuse to acknowledge fall. No. Its not here yet.

this is how I feel about hearing anything about fall right now...

Until I am ready to accept fall I am sticking to blogging only about all the wonderful things that have and are happening this summer! 


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

No AC?! Nope!!!!! Our electric bill more than doubles in the summer months because I can't stand to be hot. Lol

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I would not even be able to handle no AC omg!!! And I am welcoming fall with open arms and wishing and hoping the temperatures would finally drop into the 60s! Gimme everything pumpkin!

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