Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On First Time Cruises...

Last month I took a last minute Cruise with my Florida family. I knew I was going to visit them but didn't find out I was going on a cruise till about 2 weeks before. I guess that isn't really last minute but if you have never been on a cruise and think your just going to Florida to hang out with family it is. was a 5 day cruise to Cozumel & back. We spent most of the time at sea minus the 8 hours on land in Cozumel. It was a great time. I would definitely do it again.

Some random thoughts....

- Formal night is awesome. I loved all the backdrop options to take photos. I felt like Prom all over again!

When I take selfies I like to make faces.  

- Food. Food. Food. & Alcohol.  I will be 100% honest and tell you that I didn't think the food was that great. My Florida family are all seasoned cruisers and told me that the Carnival ship we were on really just doesn't have the best food so I didn't get the best first cruise experience. We got the drink package because I didn't have to pay for it. I can drink but I knew I'd be with family and not partying it up so I highly doubted I would have at least 15 drinks a day...and I was right. But I would definitely recommend it if you are planning to booze it up. 

- Apparently I really love Ziplining because anytime the opportunity presents itself I am all about doing it! I definitely recommend taking advantage of activities when you are off the boat. We skipped the beach for ATV's/ziplining, eating local and shopping.

- There is plenty to do on the ship. SO many, shows, auction, casino, comedy shows, the club, food, shopping, laying out, table tennis, salt water pool, and mini golf. I did a lot but still managed to get a good mix of laying out too. I did a lot on my own since my family was broken up with the younger and then the older w/kids and then me...unmarried and no children. Haha the story of my life. 

- I loved coming back to my room to find the towels in the shape of animals...I'm easy like that. 

- My teenage siblings are hilarious...and fiesty...just like me :)

She took all the pics!

It was a definitely a good time and I would go again...maybe on another cruise line and to somewhere other than Mexico though...


Kenya said...

We love cruising... For the best experience Royal Caribbean is good... more expensive than Carnival but totally worth it. It also depends on the boat if they are new or not. We have been on Carnival boats too and once you start cruising on different boats and lines, you can tell the difference. LOL.

Glad you had a good time.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

LOL Animal towels are so cute! How could anyone NOT get excited by them?!?!

lil desiqua said...

Honestly, I never think cruise ship food is good, but the fish you got on land looks delicious! Love all the pics! Also, your eyebrows are on point!

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