Monday, September 14, 2015

On things that define my summer...part 2

Since the first post ended up being a ridiculous amount of photos I had to break it here with go with the 2nd...

5. Friend Time 
I did some major re-connecting with friends this summer and it was really great. It can be hard making new friends as an adult but once you do make a new friend its pretty awesome to explore with them! 


6. Dirty 30! 
I can't not mention that I turned 30 in June. I mean...come on! Lets just hope that I can keep aging with no one being able to guess how old I am!! 


7. Food...
the battle to lose some weight is never ending and summertime is the worst because I have time off to eat and drink to my hearts content....

Bloody marys have been my go to this summer too! 

This place....oooh this place is the devil : Taco in a Bag

Hot dogs!! 


Fruit Pizza

I should actually just dedicate a whole post to the photos I take of food...but I guess that is what Instagram is for.

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