Friday, October 30, 2015

On Fridays....

I am so so very glad that it is Friday and I get a long weekend, no work Monday. It has been a rough week....

I'm  super excited for Halloween! We are doing a fun bar crawl and got a few of my friends and his to come out with us to party! Its going to be cold and rainy though which I am not ok with!

So here are some Friday things....

1. This is what I woke up to this morning
I give no shits if it is clear out...its effing cold. 
2. Have you heard of Margies? Well...if you haven't you should. Sundaes as big as my head...yes please. I have never had a sundae there until this week. I've always just gotten a cone or some candy and went about my business. The boyfriend and I each ordered a sundae and OMG. 

This is a look of serious concern.....or delight. 

3. I am depressed as all shit that I missed the Luke Bryan concert yet again this year. I'm telling you...I just want to go and watch him shake it for me!!! So here ya go! 

4. My hair...It is still long as hell! I got a cut and when its curly it looks like a big difference...then I straighten it and BAM...looks like i never cut it! 

5. This and it breaks my heart. 

When you meet people as an adult you think there is a better chance that you will actually remain friends. You know yourself better than you did when you were 18 and you know what kind of friends you want. When you realize that isn't what is actually going to happen it sucks. Big time. 

So with all that said...I am going to dress up in my awesome costume and get drunk this weekend. I'm going to skype with my far away friends since I finally have a long weekend to do it and Im going to bake...because baking is my stress reliever!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween Weekend!!!! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

On Weekends....

Sometimes I actually remember to take photos on weekends! Yay me! Knocking some stuff off my to-do list like carving those pumpkins I've had for 3 weeks finally happened.

The Boyfriend and I set up shop and attempted some masterpieces.....

Because I can't just draw anything...I need a template to work with! 

And he still ended up missing an eye

He was concentrating so hard....

and this is what happens when you don't listen to your girlfriend is backwards. 

Saturday night we headed down to Chinatown for a date night...
I refuse to eat Chinese food anywhere but in Chinatown now because the hole in the wall spots I prefer are the closest I will get to my faves. Unfortunately for me most of the people I take down there don't appreciate the food the way I do and prefer the Americanized Chinese food. 

He ate almost 3 orders of these....

Eggplant became one of my faves while living in China so I always order it when I can. He was not a fan :( 

It was chilly and windy but still a great night!
 Time to face the week and prep for Halloween this weekend! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

On Friday Faves....

Finally Friday and I don't work tomorrow!!! Woooooo!!

I thought I would share my favorite e-cards of the week....

and my favorite this week...

 Cleary I love e-cards! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

On Thirsty Thursdays and other things...

Well guys...the Cubs shit the really shit the bed in true Chicago Cubs fashion.

- Back to the Future was everywhere yesterday, while it was a bit much I still thought it was kinda cool! Too bad we don't dress like they did in the movie we are so not cool enough.

- I  forced myself to workout outside yesterday instead of going to the gym at 5 pm because all those perfectly fit people at my gym make me want to gouge my eyeballs out.

Anyway the whole point of this post was to share what I like to drink while I do "Fallish" things like go to the boo at the zoo or kick leaves or just walk around freezing my ass while looking cool in my new boots...

This is not my picture because I don't get fancy like that...I dump the stuff in a big ass thermos and get drunk secretly

I like to keep it simple:

2 cups cider 
1/2 cup fireball 
cinnamon sticks 

Warm up the cider on the stove 
Add fireball and let it keep simmering for a couple minutes 
till its hot enough to burn your tongue at first drink but not enough to make you stop drinking it
Add cinnamon sticks to taste 

Easy right? And if you are lightweight like me it will get you tipsy before you know it. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Humpday Confessions

It's that time again! 

I confess......

- that I am exhausted. I have no real clue why I am so tired but I am beyond exhausted

- to having made that big decision I was so worried/nervous/excited about and then having it backfire on me big time. 

- SO I also confess I am not making any more big decisions without triple checking all available information 

- I have only worked out 4 times in the last 2 weeks. #dontjudgeme 

- I got a haircut and although only like 3 people have seen it and it isn't a HUGE difference I freaking love it 

- I have a lot of studying to start doing and have avoided it like the plague 

- I miss my friends C up in Canada and R in Thailand something fierce. I wish they could be here! 

- Im already excited for Thanksgiving and its more than a month away. #dontcaresoexcited

What are you confessing today? 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On Tuesdays...

On Tuesdays I realize I have no idea how the last week went by. Working on a Saturday really throws off your Monday that is for sure! Anyway...I figured I would just share some bits of my life lately...

-I had this grand idea to go apple picking and bake some wonderful things...and then I realized the nearest apple orchard with decent reviews is over an hour drive away. So no one wanted to go. Instead my bestie A and I picked a Saturday and went to the farmers market, got some apples and baked some goodies! 
Apple Pie & Bourbon Apple Cake 

I will add the recipes for these soon! 

- Somehow I always manage to convince the boyfriend we should try new places for food. I have been dying for Ramen since I got back from living abroad. We went to this place Wasabi  not to be confused with my favorite all you can eat BYOB sushi place Wasabi Cafe . If you have never had ramen before you may be impressed and even maybe enjoy the food. I, on other hand was not a fan. 

I am not even close to being a real food critic but I just thought the food really lacked any flavor. I very disappointed in the small amount of noodles we got considering we ordered a bowl of ramen. The best thing we had was oyster shooters and really..who can mess those up? 
There are actually noodles in there....
baby bok choy...
Because I took 4 pictures before he gave up and decided a kiss would be better. 

- Lazy sundays are wonderful...Sundays that include brunch are maybe even more wonderful. Walked over to HQ-Howard Quintero for brunch finally! My roomie and I have wanted to try this place since we moved in and it did not disappoint! Sorry for the Iphone quality pics but food was delicious and the Bellini was strong! 


- I've watched more sports than I have in the past 4 years since I met the boyfriend. The Cubs are in postseason and pushing for the Pennant. Unfortunately...they lost the last two games. Watching a Cubs game with 8 guys in an apartment is an interesting experience. There was a lot of drowning their sorrows.

 That is all I have for you right now...I really do need to get better about taking photos!! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Humpday Confessions!

I can't even understand how it got to be Wednesday I meant to post earlier!

Alanna & Company 

I confess that....

- I am so ready for the weekend this week and I work Saturday so really I am just ready for Saturday at 4 pm.

- I hate Parent Teacher Conferences. Hate them.

- I have to make a giant decision today and I have no idea which way to go.

- I've got two pumpkins on my back porch that have not been carved. Time is just passing by!

- I think I may have a Halloween costume but still not sure where to go. All my friends are being all vague and weird about it which means that I probably won't be seeing any of them on Halloween.

- Because of that shit ^^^ I am tempted to call it a day and say eff Halloween this year. Which everyone knows is not at all like me.

-   I want to change my hair up but I am nervous that I will do it and cry. I always cry after I do it.

- This confession has been a big whinefest and I am ok with that.

What are you confessing this week??

Friday, October 9, 2015

On Halloween movies...

It's already the 9th of October and I am far behind on my Halloween/Fall movie  list! Does anyone else do this? I have some specific movies I must watch for Halloween and Xmas...but honestly I usually end up watching them other times of year as well!

{1}  Hocus Pocus

I know this is on everyone's list but can it not be?

{2}  The Nightmare Before Christmas

I sometimes like to watch this one mid November to get a little bit of both holidays in.

 {3}  Halloween

The first and occasionally Halloween H20 if I am bored

 {4} Practical Magic

I just love this movie!! It is cute and I love Sandra Bullock!

 {5} Scream

This is not a Halloween movie but its one of my favorites so I always watch it around this time!


{6} Gremlins

Because look at this face!! I love this movie :)

 {7} Casper 

Who didn't love this movie??

  It feels weird not having 10 for a list but honestly these are the ones I always make sure I watch and there are a few others that I might watch if there is time....

Friday the 13th 

Any Zombie movie

What movies do you watch for Halloween??

Thursday, October 8, 2015

On Chicago Cubs

I am having a super slow blogging week! I can't think of anything to blog about and even the crap ton of drafts I have aren't appealing to me right now.

Last night I watched the Chicago Cubs win a Wild Card game in the postseason for the first time in 12 years. The last time I was fresh out of high school and partying in the streets outside Wrigley because I was too young to get into any bars.

I went with the boyfriend and a couple his friends and if I was a good blogger I would have taken photos of all the excitement....but what happened was....

So here is the deal...I watch for the booze and the hot guys on the team.... was last night and will continue to be  crazy around Chicago while the Cubs win!!

If you didn't watch the game there was a bit of a macho pushing match and this one dude literally beat up a gatorade cooler in the dugout. It was actually hilarious!

I mean look at this fool....Sore loser much??

basically here is what needs to be said....

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