Friday, October 30, 2015

On Fridays....

I am so so very glad that it is Friday and I get a long weekend, no work Monday. It has been a rough week....

I'm  super excited for Halloween! We are doing a fun bar crawl and got a few of my friends and his to come out with us to party! Its going to be cold and rainy though which I am not ok with!

So here are some Friday things....

1. This is what I woke up to this morning
I give no shits if it is clear out...its effing cold. 
2. Have you heard of Margies? Well...if you haven't you should. Sundaes as big as my head...yes please. I have never had a sundae there until this week. I've always just gotten a cone or some candy and went about my business. The boyfriend and I each ordered a sundae and OMG. 

This is a look of serious concern.....or delight. 

3. I am depressed as all shit that I missed the Luke Bryan concert yet again this year. I'm telling you...I just want to go and watch him shake it for me!!! So here ya go! 

4. My hair...It is still long as hell! I got a cut and when its curly it looks like a big difference...then I straighten it and BAM...looks like i never cut it! 

5. This and it breaks my heart. 

When you meet people as an adult you think there is a better chance that you will actually remain friends. You know yourself better than you did when you were 18 and you know what kind of friends you want. When you realize that isn't what is actually going to happen it sucks. Big time. 

So with all that said...I am going to dress up in my awesome costume and get drunk this weekend. I'm going to skype with my far away friends since I finally have a long weekend to do it and Im going to bake...because baking is my stress reliever!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween Weekend!!!! 


Stephanie said...

HEY I'm like 5 blocks from Margies so text me next time you go and Hawkeye and I will walk over and say hi! And pig out on ice cream.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Luke Bryan was just in town here and I got so jealous seeing everyone's posts!

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