Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On Tuesdays...

On Tuesdays I realize I have no idea how the last week went by. Working on a Saturday really throws off your Monday that is for sure! Anyway...I figured I would just share some bits of my life lately...

-I had this grand idea to go apple picking and bake some wonderful things...and then I realized the nearest apple orchard with decent reviews is over an hour drive away. So no one wanted to go. Instead my bestie A and I picked a Saturday and went to the farmers market, got some apples and baked some goodies! 
Apple Pie & Bourbon Apple Cake 

I will add the recipes for these soon! 

- Somehow I always manage to convince the boyfriend we should try new places for food. I have been dying for Ramen since I got back from living abroad. We went to this place Wasabi  not to be confused with my favorite all you can eat BYOB sushi place Wasabi Cafe . If you have never had ramen before you may be impressed and even maybe enjoy the food. I, on other hand was not a fan. 

I am not even close to being a real food critic but I just thought the food really lacked any flavor. I very disappointed in the small amount of noodles we got considering we ordered a bowl of ramen. The best thing we had was oyster shooters and really..who can mess those up? 
There are actually noodles in there....
baby bok choy...
Because I took 4 pictures before he gave up and decided a kiss would be better. 

- Lazy sundays are wonderful...Sundays that include brunch are maybe even more wonderful. Walked over to HQ-Howard Quintero for brunch finally! My roomie and I have wanted to try this place since we moved in and it did not disappoint! Sorry for the Iphone quality pics but food was delicious and the Bellini was strong! 


- I've watched more sports than I have in the past 4 years since I met the boyfriend. The Cubs are in postseason and pushing for the Pennant. Unfortunately...they lost the last two games. Watching a Cubs game with 8 guys in an apartment is an interesting experience. There was a lot of drowning their sorrows.

 That is all I have for you right now...I really do need to get better about taking photos!! 


Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

ugh that sucks about the food. i hate when that happens. i have never been to a ramen place. the apple pie looks AMAZING. i wish i could make stuff like that!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

That pie looks incredible! I don't have the patience for lattice tops... IF I ever made a pie, it would probably have a crumble crust, lol :)

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