Monday, November 30, 2015

On Mondays!

Wow I can't believe it is Monday already! Having three days off last week was definitely much needed...for once I am not hating the start of a new week with a scary passion. I meant to blog, as you can imagine, but really I avoided my computer like it had the plague and it was nice almost like a mini computer free vacation. I can't say I unplugged because I still use my phone way too much.

- Speaking of phones...I had to go get a new one this weekend...bye bye Iphone 5 hello Samsung S6! I also switched companies because AT&T was seriously like pickpocketing me on a monthly basis. I was paying over $100 for one person with a almost 3 year old phone!
LMAO I couldn't help myself....
I've got a fancy new phone so more pictures bitches!! 

- Thanksgiving was awesome as it always is. I cooked up the usual faves green bean casserole, 5 cheese mac & cheese, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I will be updating my cooking page with those recipes soon!
I swear I will put pics of Thanksgiving up as soon as my mother sends them to me! 

- Friendsgiving was also awesome, over the last few years a few of the friendships I thought were going to be forever friends turned to lets not speak to each other anymore and some of my closest friends live out of state or the country so sometimes I can find myself getting down about it but Friendsgiving is always a nice night of too much food, booze and awesome company.

- Cyber Monday deals...gimme gimme gimme!!! Actually, I did some shopping on Weds since a lot of stores had sales that went from Weds-Friday or all weekend. I simply avoided any stores on Thursday and Friday and still got all that I needed!!

- I ate enough for like 4 people this week/weekend so its back to the grind for me today hopefully I can lose the weight so I can put it right back on during Christmas break! 

That is all for now!! How was your holiday weekend? Did you shop?? 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On a Currently list...

I love these so I thought I would finally do one! 

Currently I’m….
Loving: Filling up my calendar with all the winter activities I want to do

Watching: Scandal (always!) Gilmore Girls (from the beginning) and just started Parks & Rec w/the boyfriend 
Writing: This post, scheduling a few more, random ideas that come for future posts 
Planning: Friendsgiving, days to get all my Holiday DIY stuff done

Buying:  Christmas gifts and ingredients for Thanksgiving 
Reading: Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" on recommendation from Dani at Faster Than Forever
Needing: Anything sweet and full of carbs...actually just want to shovel carbs down  
Eating: almonds...because that is my life right now

Making: I am actually working on sewing my first skirt...hopefully it isn't a failed DIY but either way I will share it when its completed! 
Drinking: Water, water, water and more water. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Oh Mondays!!

Well this weekend passed quickly...far far too quickly!

 Friday night I went made the drive to see my brother in A Chrstmas Carol and unfortunately since snow was predicted the 45 minute drive took 3 hours. 3 EFFING HOURS! As you can imagine I was livid by the time I got there...I mean really...predict the first snow and people lose their damn minds!

I will admit I HATE driving in the snow...I have a little car that is not all wheel drive so it just slides all over the place. My solution? Not driving. 

Anyway...since really the most exciting thing I did this weekend was see my brother in the play that is all I have to show you....

Unfortunately I couldn't get any good pics of him on stage because cell phones weren't allowed and I am a dummy who forgot her real camera. 

Oh yea and I took The Boyfriend for his first Froyo on a very cold and snowy Saturday night. You want to know something about someone you are dating?  See what they do with froyo...I was disgusted with his choices and him with mine...we are obviously meant to be since I won't have to worry about him stealing mine!  

How was your weekend?? Did you get any snow??

Friday, November 20, 2015

On Fridays...

It is finally Friday!!! 

{1} School = Zoo
These kids this week...I have felt like a zookeeper the entire week. Seriously. I know it will be worse next week because they know there are only 2 days of school! 

This is what it feels like around here....

{2}  Stupid WEBMD....
Do you ever read an article like : "10 early signs you might have _______" ??? Well I did that this week and now I am pretty sure I am dying and will not be around to blog much longer. 

so just yea....either way I have a doctors appointment next week for a much needed check up anyway. Wish me luck! 

{3} Winter....
It has been getting chillier this week. Not happy....They are saying we will get snow tonight too...which sucks because I am driving to the burbs to see my brother act in A Christmas Carol and that drive back in snow is awful! 

{4} TV TV TV 
I started watching a new show "Code Black" and I like it!! I've always loved medical type shows and this one is so dramatic which is right up my alley!! 

The boyfriend and I finally finished The Office so he is trying to get me on board with Parks & Rec and man...I just don't get it yet. The first 4 episodes were not really funny...someone tell me it gets better???

Then again...this is the same guy who doesn't think Big Bang Theory is funny and I love that show!! 

{5} Adele....
Adele's new album is out today...and I don't care who thinks she isn't amazing because this is the only album I will actually pay for this year. 

And yes...that song always makes me want to start singing a Lionel Ritchie song! 

And what would life be without my favorite Ecards of the week: 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Caitlyn Jenner

I tend to stay away from political & religion posts and generally anything that gets people all pissy because I don't care to hear the drama but I keep seeing all these ridiculous things pop up on Facebook and around the blogging world about Caitlyn Jenner and the Woman of the year award.

First... I think people need to realize that the anger directed at Caitlyn Jenner for accepting an award she didn't ask to be given makes no damn sense. If you want to be pissed at anyone it should be Glamour Magazine, they chose her.

Second...She has actually done a great deal for the Trans community by being so public with her transition and encouraging Trans people to be who they are.

Third....No one should be saying she isn't a woman, that is not for any of us to decide other than her God (if she chooses to believe in one). So I think people need to stop all the nasty comments, the hate, the judgement. It is really disgusting to read/see how shitty people can be about things that have no relevance in their lives whatsoever.

With all that said....

I feel as though there are many women who would have been much more deserving of an award. See how easy it was for me to say I disagree with the choice without saying something shitty?

Let's stop being so damn judgmental and crucifying everyone who doesn't fit into our boxed-in perceptions of what is right. 

I am shocked to hear so many women got so seriously offended when she made the joke about "figuring out what to wear being the hardest part for her" 

IT WAS A JOKE. Calm down. 

I don't think she put herself through all that came with her public transition and really believes the hardest part of being a woman is dressing herself. chill out. 

Well...I feel like I got my point across....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Humpdays!

It is that time of the week again!!!

More Coffee Less Talky

Alanna & Company

I confess...

- That I fell off the eating right wagon hard this weekend...banged my head on the way down and then got back up and started again Monday!

- I went to the gym yesterday and had to start with baby weights since it' been so long since I lifted anything other than food.

- I am making serious progress on my Christmas shopping and still holding strong to not giving into the holiday hype until next week! 

-  I got some major blogger inspiration last week and have scheduled posts for the next couple weeks on the day I usually slack so expect lots more posts! if you have any ideas feel free to share too! 

- I'm very excited for next week! 2 day workweek what!!?! 

- I'm super annoyed with the weather in Chicago has been so up & down its hard to figure out what to wear to work. It gets really hot or really cold in the building i work in so sometimes I am dressed for outside and then sweating like a pig on a roast inside all day! 

- We had a kid drop the F bomb yesterday calling some older kids "Fheads" I almost peed myself laughing. I had to get up and walk away. Definitely not the right reaction but that is the kind of curse word I would come with. 

That is all for today...not too many grumbles!! yay! 

What are you confessing toady? 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On a Chicago To Do: Art Institute

I love doing touristy things in Chicago and it has been years since I went to the Art Institute!

Did you know....If you are an Illinois resident that you can get into the Art Institute free on Thursday evenings?  If not, now you do! 
** you can also just give them a Illinois zip code since they don't always check ID. 

They are open until 8 pm on Thursday evenings so its a great after work adventure and since it is free you don't feel bad not being able to check out everything! 

My friend Jen & I decided to make it an Art Institute & dinner/drinks kinda night and it was a good time! 

If you follow me on Snapchat : @monipins  you saw I actually snapped a bunch of it! 

Some of my faves....

I have a thing for doors! Even have a whole Pinterest board for beautiful doors! 

Or the more fun version I snapped 

They have some really great exhibits and are always adding new and impressive art to their collection. If you are visiting Chicago or you live here and just haven't been in awhile I suggest you check it out! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

On weekend hiking...

Hey everyone!! I am actually pretty surprised but for a Monday I feel pretty good. It could be that I didn't do much this weekend. I had a great mix of organizing, relaxing and even threw some trail walking in there too! 

I also got quite a few posts scheduled that I have been meaning to do for some time now...I think that blogging webinar I checked out last week really did inspire me!! 

So that said....

I made a meetup to get outside this weekend since I've wanted to go for ages and no one ever wants to go with me! We decided to check out Harms Woods out in the burbs. 

I was hot....

And of course since we were starving after almost 3 hours of exploring we went to my favorite place 
Uncle Julio's in Old Orchard Mall. 

I also managed to get some more of Christmas shopping done this weekend...getting started on my DIY gifts...
Part of my brothers gift! 

I also managed to clean my room and the fridge out, meal prep for this week, do laundry, put away summer clothes and take out/wash fall/winter clothes. I'd say it was pretty productive! 

How was your weekend? 

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