Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Halloween Fun!

Oooh man having a Monday off really is a wonderful thing! Shorter week plus extra day to sleep in = a happy me!

I had a great time for Halloween this year and the weather by the time it was "going out" time was pleasantly decent!

The boyfriend and I were Dexter & his Victim. 
Let me tell you....wearing saran wrap all night is HOT....not hot like sexy but hot like I melted off a few pounds of sweat. I was sweating my ass off before we even finished wrapping me up completely! But guess what...my costume was the cheapest Halloween getup I've ever had and people loved it.

My roommate was really loving her costume! 

As we were moving from one bar to the next the bottom of my dress decided to start coming apart and my ass was starting to show....so we had to make a quick stop at CVS to get something to fix it. 

You know your friends love you when they decide to document you running around CVS holding your dress together. 
We decided tape would be better than more plastic wrap so I wouldn't have to carry the roll around with me. 

All was right in the world after that and we went on to continue the party! 

It turned into one of those awesome nights that you hope you never forget! 

How was your Halloween?? 

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Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I had a couple friend that went as this one year... it was a huge hit!!

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