Monday, November 30, 2015

On Mondays!

Wow I can't believe it is Monday already! Having three days off last week was definitely much needed...for once I am not hating the start of a new week with a scary passion. I meant to blog, as you can imagine, but really I avoided my computer like it had the plague and it was nice almost like a mini computer free vacation. I can't say I unplugged because I still use my phone way too much.

- Speaking of phones...I had to go get a new one this weekend...bye bye Iphone 5 hello Samsung S6! I also switched companies because AT&T was seriously like pickpocketing me on a monthly basis. I was paying over $100 for one person with a almost 3 year old phone!
LMAO I couldn't help myself....
I've got a fancy new phone so more pictures bitches!! 

- Thanksgiving was awesome as it always is. I cooked up the usual faves green bean casserole, 5 cheese mac & cheese, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I will be updating my cooking page with those recipes soon!
I swear I will put pics of Thanksgiving up as soon as my mother sends them to me! 

- Friendsgiving was also awesome, over the last few years a few of the friendships I thought were going to be forever friends turned to lets not speak to each other anymore and some of my closest friends live out of state or the country so sometimes I can find myself getting down about it but Friendsgiving is always a nice night of too much food, booze and awesome company.

- Cyber Monday deals...gimme gimme gimme!!! Actually, I did some shopping on Weds since a lot of stores had sales that went from Weds-Friday or all weekend. I simply avoided any stores on Thursday and Friday and still got all that I needed!!

- I ate enough for like 4 people this week/weekend so its back to the grind for me today hopefully I can lose the weight so I can put it right back on during Christmas break! 

That is all for now!! How was your holiday weekend? Did you shop?? 


Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

The only Black Friday shopping I did was online at Aerie- 10 panties for $32! Plus I've done some Cyber Monday shopping today on Bath & Body Works, Vineyard Vines, Target, Kohls, and Crate&Barrel. The deals are too good to pass up!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

yay new phone! at&t is a rip off. KC got a new samsung thingy as well! i ate so much this weekend that it's definitely back to the grind for me today as well!

Nadine Lynn said...

AT&T is killing me too. Our bill is so damn expensive and for no reason. New phones are always so fun when you first get them!!! I am totally with you on having to get back to serious so I can eat all the things at Christmas!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

You're right... there were a TON of good sales the past few days in general! I actually think there were some better ones before Thanksgiving then there were today online!

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