Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On 101 in 1001

I've wanted to try 101 in 1001 since Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect posted her first round but I am a slacker.  Some of these will be super easy because I know I do them yearly but I figure why not make sure I don't stop? Others will take an actual effort to not be a slacker.

If you have any that are similar or would like to help me knock some of these out feel free to let me know!!

Dates: November 10, 2015-August 07, 2018

Chicago- Some of the other items actually could be listed here but these are pretty basic tourist type
1. Go to Chriskindlmarket Done on 11/29, first of the list!! 
2. Visit Starved Rock in the Winter
3. Visit Botanical Gardens
4. Visit Brookfield Zoo
5. Take a Bike ride down Lakeshore Drive
6. See a comedy show at Second City
7. Go to the Museum of Science & Industry
8-10. Go to a sporting event for 2  major teams (Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Hawks) *no White Sox...no thank you.
11. Have a KTV(karaoke) night w/friends in Chinatown

Foodish....all things food/alcohol related
12. Take a cake decorating class
13. Take a cooking class
14. Make my own sushi 
15. Make a fancy birthday cake for someone
16. Make Holiday cookies
17. Host a themed(food) dinner party
18. Try a new recipe every week for 2 months
19. Try all the restaurants on my Yelp Bookmark list before adding more (as of 11/10 there are 20 restaurants on the list)  
20. Try 1 new restaurant a month for 6 months

Get Physical- physical activities I want to try or do again
21. Go ice Skating
22. Go Rockclimbing
23. Go Kayaking
24. Go Hiking
25. Go Snowboarding
26. Go Paintballing

Go...go...go...places & things I want to do/make/see
27. Build a snowman- where do you put this??
28. Go to the Beach
29. Go to a Concert
30. Go to a Luke Bryan Concert
31. Go Camping
32. Go to a music festival
33. Go to the shooting range
34. Go to a Haunted House
35. Go to Trivia night
36. Attend a wedding 
37. See a musical 
38. See a drive-in Movie 
39. See a Burlesque show 
40. Get a tarot card reading

41. Have a Chicago Blogger Meetup
42. Blog at least 3 times a week for 2 months
43. Celebrate my 5 year blogiversary w/a  giveaway
44. Join in a swap

45. Take a Jiu Jitsu Class
46. Take a Barre Class
47. Drink only water for 1 month
48. Do morning yoga for 1 month
49. Run a 10K
50. Lose 20 lbs
51. Stick to a workout routine for 1 month
52. Do not complain for a week

53. Buy a full length mirror
54. Buy a matching bed set
55. Make my bed everyday for 1 month
56. Paint my dresser
57. Get a desk
58. Completely organize my closet
59. Decorate for Christmas

60. Go to Salt Lake City
61. Visit Karen in NYC
62. See a Broadway show in NYC
63. Visit Courtney in Ottawa
64. Go to New Orleans
65. Take another vacation with The Boyfriend
66. Have a romantic weekend away

67. Go one month without ordering take out
68. Do a spending freeze for a month
69. Save $2 for every task I complete
70. Pay off any debt not related to student loans
71. Make a business proposal
72. Attend a networking event related to #73

Get Crafty/Creative 
73. Complete my customized recipe cards/book
74. Learn to sew a dress
75. Sew a skirt for myself
76. DIY a Christmas gift for each family member
77. Read 100 books
78. Take classes for 1 year uninterrupted
79. Write in a journal everyday for a month
80. Organize my photos into photobooks
81. Make a date night book/cards
82. Buy a ______ for dummies book and learn something new
83. Make a vision board

Step up my hostess game...
84. Host a themed party
85. Host a game night
86. Attend or organize 10 meetups
87. Start a meetup group
88. Host a Slumber Party
89. Build a blanket fort
90. Have a picnic
91. Join a book club

92. Make a new friend
93. Take my parents out to a nice dinner & pay for it
94. Get my FOID card
95. Watch all the seasons of Friends
96. See 10 movies (older than 1980) that I haven't seen
97. Volunteer
98. Donate Blood
99. Get a new tattoo
100. Send someone a written letter
101. Take a photo for every goal on this list


Stephanie said...

I love it!!! I'm checking off Botanical Gardens next year with Betsy (Museum Fanatic) so you should come with and we'll make it a blogger meet up :)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

No complaining for a week? Godspeed. I wouldn't last a day. lololol :)

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