Friday, December 18, 2015

On Fridays Faves!!!

Let me tell you ladies...I am so happy it is Friday! Last day before Winter Break and its only really a few hours of work!!

- The Boyfriend and I finally had sushi this week and I was a happy camper...I wont even tell you how much I was disturbing. 

- This is the last photo my coworkers and I took together before we dispersed for the crazy! 

- Guess who is going to see Lion King this weekend??? Oh yea bitches!! ME!!! wooooo!!!! The boyfriend got us tickets for my xmas gift that I have been asking for since May! Wooo! 

- Tickets to see Adele went in July when she comes to CHicago went on sale yesterday. 3 days and no damn tickets. I tried all morning and couldn't get any!!! 

I would say I have a 5th but I am trying to get the eff out of here!! I promise not to disappear just because I am on winter break but if you need me I will have my face shoved in a book!! 


Rebecca Jo said...

Who the heck got all the Adele tickets because no normal person I know got them. Stupid Scalpers snagged them all!

Enjoy the Lion King - I totally cried in it the first time I saw it on Broadway

Nadine Lynn said...

Sushi!!! I had sushi for lunch today! Yum!! Have fun at the Lion King!!! That is so fun! Have a great weekend!

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