Friday, September 16, 2016

September: Currently!

How is September already? How quickly time flies right?

 Thought I would try something different...really need to learn to play with the computer and photos a little more. 

On to the fun parts...


Reading... Textbooks and more textbooks but also just finishing up "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn. Definitely recommend it!
Watching...Shameless! I am almost caught up. Been watching Elementary along the way too. I am not even near ready for my shows to start I am so far behind on everything. 

Loving... My niece and wishing like hell she lived closer (HELLO SISTER OF MINE...move closer please)
The day she was born!
Craving... Cookies! I am always craving cookies but just craving something super sweet right now.
Feeling...exhausted! Its only the second week back for the kids but man have there been serious tears. I had a kid who cried for an entire morning this week. AN ENTIRE MORNING. on a case study for my microbio class that I am excited to do! For some reason learning details infectious diseases is intriguing for me! another kid crying and some Lindsey Sterling on quietly. (BTW she is coming to Chicago next month!!!) Draft Kings line up for this Sunday/Monday. Got to win back my money dammit!!

Pinning...a recipe to make Crab Cakes because I am finally in a decent size kitchen again and can't wait to cook!
Wishing...that we could go back to 80+ degree days and everyone would slow down talking about Pumpkin Spice everything. I'm NOT READY.

That's all i've got for you! I hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oh hi there...

How do you even get back to blogging when you have been gone for almost 4 months? Who knows.
I'll tell you guys last semester got the best of me. I couldn't even pretend that my brain worked after my last final. The good news is that I passed all the classes and with better grades than anticipated! For now I just wanted to say hi and let you all know Ill be stalking your blogs and probably commenting on things from months ago. I did a ton this summer so hopefully I can get a few good posts about things to do in Chicago!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On Wednesday Confessions....

More Coffee Less Talky

I confess...

- Everytime I think of confessing I get the Usher song stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG.

- I feel like my body is still trying to catch up on all the rest I didn't get the past few months. I mean if I sit down for too long I can fall asleep. Its crazy. 

- My birthday is coming up fast and I realized I have no interest in organizing a big thing this year. That is the first time since I was like 20 that I haven't wanted to do something. Am I getting old? Or am I just not in the mood to deal with the excuses from the remaining friends I have? Who knows. 

- To go along with that though...I will be having a birthday month. I don't have to have a big party to celebrate for myself all month long! Signing up for all the websites so I can get the free stuffs! 

- The travelbug is hitting me hard. No travel bug isn't even the right word, I miss having a different lifestyle and being abroad. I think maybe just knowing Ive got another 2 years of this work/school crazy schedule that is making me want to say "Eff it" and just move to Spain. 

- I'm supposed to be saving as much money as I can but all the festival tickets are on sale and I just want to go to them all....Spring Awakening, Lolla, Mamby, Windy City Lake Shake, North Coast...Festival season will end and I will be living in a cardboard box on lower wacker drive. 

- I want the warm weather to get here but my arms are not ready for tank tops....Wth...why can't my body just do what I want it to do quickly? 

That is all I've got! What are you confessing today? Link up! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

On Currently posts after 3 weeks off....

I'm back! Woooo! I survived the semester from hell and at my sisters request getting my ass back in the blogging world.(she's pregnant can't deny her anything) So to do a little catch up we will start with a Currently post. Also...please excuse the serious amount responses to older posts.

Reading: So I am on book #15 of the Anita Blake Series I've told you guys about. I didn't make it this far the last time I read the series so this book is actually new. I am also reading "Raising Boys with ADHD" with my sister. Just started that one last night. 

Listening to:  Children giggling in the hallway and a podcast called Welcome to Night Vale. So creepy. Seriously. My friend recommended it and it is interesting. Basically its like a news update for a town that doesn't exist or at least i don't think it exists?

Watching: We are on the 2nd to last episode of Breaking Bad! OMG. Seriously. This stuff has been crazy and I can see how watching this week to week when it was on would have people hooked. Also catching up on my shows Scandal is OMG, I haven't seen anything else yet. I did start watching 60 Days in the other night..not sure why?! I am always fascinated by prison stuff. 

Making: I finally have time in the evening so I am going to start cooking again. I can't wait. First recipe I am making is this Spaghetti Squash - Buffalo Chicken

Organizing:  My little tiny space. I did unpack most of my stuff but I haven't hung anything or organized anything since I moved it. So now it is time to get to work! I need to stay out of HomeGoods. They have sooooo much cute stuff! 

Celebrating: My brother graduated High School this past Saturday. I still can't believe it. So excited for him and to see where he decides to go to College. Hopefully i will get to see him on an even bigger stage soon! 

Feeling: So happy that this semester is over, overwhelmed while waiting for my grades and excited for more free time for myself. 

That is all folks! Let me get back to catching up on your blogs :) 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On Wednesdays I confess...

Its that time again...

I confess....

- Right now and in the spirit of honestly I will tell you all that I will be MIA for the next 3 weeks. I am hoping to get some posts scheduled so I don't disappear completely but I have 2 exams before I even get to study for Finals so I have to spend every free moment of my time studying. #adultingsucks #pleasedontmakemestudy

- Like Stephanie @Not Entirely Perfect I am very much looking forward to the summer season and all the fun events but I am super stressed about the amount of time I will actually have to do all the fun things! #firstworldproblems #cansummerbeherealready

- Being back on the low carb/crap free diet makes me soooo grumpy. Seriously. Just vicious. I am normally so nice and patient but remove the sweets and the yummy delicious carbs and you get to see a whole new side of me. #lowcarbmakesmeevil #idkillforcake

- Hate to get all political but the fact that it looks like our choices for President might very well be Trump or Clinton mystifies me. Like seriously people...what is going on in this country, 
does no one actually give a shit?? 
#politicsmakemesick #democracyatitsfinest 

- I was so excited in my quest for a new apartment and the fact that I found one I loved that I forgot that I have no furniture or any of the usual household items! Moving so much and trying to keep from having to much to move each time has kept me from owning anything besides my bed, tv, clothes and books! 
Eepp! I may be living like a hobo for a bit until I get all the things I need! #beingagrownuphasconsequences 

LMAO i love these! 

That is all I have for you today! Link up and confess! 


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On Beautiful Weather...

This past weekend was beautiful in Chicago...of course by beautiful I mean it was finally about 50 outside. I wish I could say I did something exciting but really I had a ton of studying & laundry to do. I did manage to make it outside as much as I could though.

Friday night was study & organizing night....Saturday I spent the day doing laundry & studying until The Boyfriend and I went out to dinner, for a walk and then rushed home to watch more Breaking Bad. See the theme here? I am glad we will be done with it before the summer though! Sunday I woke up early and headed to the burbs to visit my family and see my brother in a choir performance..then back home to study! 3 weeks till finals!!! 

So my not so busy weekend in pics...

Delicious Tapas! 

Sunday ride to the burbs with the windows down

Is it Friday yet? 

Friday, April 15, 2016

On Stuff & Things...

- I meant to blog more than twice this week I really did. I was driving to class yesterday when I realized I hadn't blogged and it was already Thursday. I wish I was having a more exciting time and that is why I am so busy. nope..not the case. 

- Just found out I got approved for this studio I fell in love with! its a super cute loft set up which is nice so I won't have my couch & bed right next to each other and well below my max price!

- I love these sloth memes...listen they are terrible and creepy and all but I still love them. 

- Its the last stretch of the last stretch I mean the last 3 weeks before finals but anyway...I can taste the freedom of having my evenings back bitches!!! Woooooo!

- Just realized that Lindsey Stirling will be at Lolla on Sunday...looks like I am going for more than one day. Dammit all they just want to take all my money with this 4 days thing!! 

Add school in there and its pretty much my summer

and if you don't know who Lindsey Stirling is then listen listen listen! 

and that is all the stuff I have for you today! I hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Currently I've had 3 exams in the last 5 days and two more coming next really I want to tell you I have exciting stuff going on...but I can't. So I thought I'd update you on other goings on instead...

Reading: I got it in my mind that I should re-read Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. Why did I do that to myself? There are 20 something books in the series!! I haven't read the last 8 before though so there is that. If you like vampires, lycanthropes, sex and other weird preternatural shit you may like these books. Definitely not a YA series though.

Listening to:  Luke Bryan on youtube. The Boyfriend just told me he got me tickets for my birthday so it will be all country all the time...well until I start listening to my Lolla playlist. 

Look at that cutie! 

Watching: Ooh man me & The Boyfriend are in the midst of Breaking Bad and we can't get out. I haven't had much time to watch tv (which you know makes me sad because I am soooo behind on my shows) but we watch this together and it is getting damn good!! I did manage to watch Scandal this past weekend and OMG. WOW. that is all. 

Making: Ugh flash cards for the next exam. Blah. Haha I am also in the process of making some serious organization in my bedroom before I move again so there is that. 

Wishlisting: Another vacation? Actually a  new pair of gym shoes. Maybe they can motivate me to get my ass up at 5:30 to go to the gym? I am also just wishing for spring semester to be done. 4 weeks left bitches!!! 

Cleaning: Oh room. Its a disaster. So much stuff everywhere and I need to get rid of about 50% of it. Spring cleaning on meth! (too much breaking bad for me) 

Posting: I need to post more. I had all these drafts all ready to go and but they need to be edited and photos need to be added so I just kind of gave up and now some of them are not even relevant!! OOps?! As long as I can keep up with Confession Wednesdays you guys will still love me right? Right? 

Tasting: My chocolate tea!! I'm obsessed guys, I don't know what I will do when I run out!! 

What is going on in your life? 

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