Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Humpday Confessions...

It is that time again....

I confess...

- I have been slacking a little bit with blogging the last two weeks. I need to check my notes for blogging ideas and get some posts ready for the next few weeks. #seriousslackershit 

- Being back to adulting while in school full time is exhausting. I forgot how much. I also forgot that it means I have no more fun weekday social life. I totally wanted to meet up with some friends for drinks last night but I had class. #adultingsucks 

- My cold is back and I sound like a man. Its hilarious and yet unfortunate. The Boyfriend was cracking jokes this morning about my sexy manly voice. Ummmm.... #bringmesoup

- I spend a sad amount of time on Reddit. Seriously. It is why I don't go to bed ontime ever. I had to take it off my phone for awhile. There is just so much new stuff all the time!! ALL THE TIME! I find guys are always the ones surprised when they find out I love Reddit because I am not a dude who lives in my mom's basement #addictedtoreddit 

- I can't even begin to fathom spending $100+ on a pair of yoga pants. Seriously. Do the pants guide you through the exercises? Do they buy you a drink and some chocolate after? Do they wash themselves? Do they provide some kind of vibration in the crotch area??  If not? Not a chance. #nogracias This comes about having to see this girl I know in lululemon all the time. I was like please tell me you are wearing the same pants everyday and you aren't telling me that you have more than one pair!?  I know some of you bloggers probably have them and that is fine. I simply can't justify spending that kind of money on pants that don't do something amazing to me while wearing them. 

Alright alright...that is enough for today! Link up and confess! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

On Mondays...

Ahhh no Monday off this week. It is going to be a long one!

This weekend was good, I got to relax on Friday night and then go go go the rest of the weekend.

- Friday- Was all about catching up on couch time. Last week was the first week of the semester so I spent a lot of time just figuring out the new schedule and when I would be getting home everyday.

-Saturday- I spent the day shopping with my roommate. I got a couple cute new dresses and a top. There were some nice sales going on at Express & Banana Republic. Then I got home and got rid of at least one thing in my closet for every new one I bought. I need to replace my old worn out wardrobe but I don't need to add to it.

Then The Boyfriend and I headed to dinner and out to Kings for bowling/drinks with some friends. We decided to try a new tapas place on the way to the bowling place. Ummm bad idea. The food was definitely subpar and our waitress showed up twice in the entire time we were there..didn't even bring our check after we waited 30 minutes for it. It was  not a good experience and I am going to be adding a review on Yelp today. 

I wish I had gotten a better picture of this dress because it was super cute and I got it $8!! 

- Sunday The Boyfriend made/brought breakfast in bed (pancakes!!) and then I headed off to go ice skating with my family. We had a great time skating and my nephew was so much better this time around! My mom hasn't skated in years and she didn't fall once! 

Trying to avoid a serious pile up! 
We were all starving so we headed to Jim's on Maxwell St for hot dogs & polishes. If you ever come to Chicago and want an authentic Chicago Style Hot Dog this is the place to go. Its no frills, not fancy at all but delicious! They wanted to eat in the car but since they hadn't been there in years I told them they had to get the full experience of eating it outside!

My sister whined that it was cold but its our job to torture her so it worked out! 

And then...homework. Because there was no way I was going to get away with a whole weekend without it. 

How was your weekend? 

Friday, January 22, 2016

On Friday Faves...

Why did it take so long for Friday to get here? The first week back at school is always the worst and working all day then going to class until 8 or 9:30 4 days a week is going to kill me. KILL ME. 
irrevelant but I like it anyway! 

Some of my faves this week...

- The 5th Wave is comes out today! Wooo!!!! Super excited to see this movie even though I have no clue if I will have time to see it this weekend! 

- My favorite post this week is from Dani @ Faster Than Forever on her Wednesday confessions about being in the IBTC. I just about died cracking up reading it. Also...always been a tiny bit  super jealous I can't just wear a built in bra tank top. 

- 85-90% of the students in my classes this semester are applying to the RN nursing program. I just keep my mouth shut because by the time all of them apply (maybe get in) and start I will be 3/4 of the way done with my BSN. I would like to help advise them of their poor choice but I don't need the competition to get into the program I want. #Sorrynotsorry 

- I mentioned the Lizzy Gardner series last week but since I read the next book A Dark Mind I get to say it again. I love it. A Dark Mind was super dark and creepy. There are quotes from serial killers at the beginning of each chapter and some of them are scary. The book gets dark and twisted and doesn't shy away from being graphic either. I have a very morbid curiosity about serial killers and learning about death/murder so this book was an awesome read for me. *If you are squeamish about detailed murder scenes or descriptions this won't be for you. 

If you have Kindle Unlimited the books are free!! 

- One of the professors basically told us we won't really need the book, don't need the code that the class "required" and could even use the last edition if we felt like we needed the book for studying. Ummm $129.00 saved. Yes please. Bet your ass I didn't unwrap that book and took right back yesterday. This made my week! 

- And because I search for that Kermit gif I found some hilarious ones so that will round out of my faves of the week....

Some of these are just hilarious! Hope you all have a good weekend! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On Humpday Confessions...

It's Wednesday and thanks to my weather app since it says 40% chance of snow while its been snowing for over an hour. #weathermensuck 

Time to confess...I might get super confessional today...

I confess...

- I used to be excited for know confessions and all that. Now? Now I get to be up at 6:30 and go to work, then class till 9:20 pm. Eff Wednesdays. 

- I have high expectations from friends. I admit it. I expect the person to be as good a friend to me as I am to them even though this may be in different ways. In recent years this has led me to be very selective with becoming good friends with new people. Life happens but if I talk to someone who lives in another country with a 13 hour time difference more than a friend who lives a couple blocks away that is not ok. #sorrynotsorry I am surrounding myself with people who know this about me and want to be in my life. 

- My parents were chore nazis. No joke. Like seeing the lines from vacuuming and nothing on the counters, chores better be done before you go outside or touch the tv kind of stuff. I hated it as a kid but now...I CANT handle people who don't clean. Can't handle. Like starting to get a tick when I walk in the apartment and see dishes and food on the counters or hair in the bathtub. It's kind of sick. #dirtypeoplescareme
This is what happens to me...seriously. 

- I love love hot weather. Like love it. You will never hear my complain about it being too hot or humid or stuffy. Nothing. The hotter the better. Summer doesn't exist if its not over 85-90 for at least 2 weeks. My life in Chicago has been rough the last couple summers. #hotterisbetter
Sweating doesn't bug me at all. It goes with the weather...

- I have a serious sweet tooth. Its bad. Beyond the fact that it is what always hinders my losing weight I can eat a whole bag of cookies in a sitting and not think twice. I absolutely love Keebler's Soft Batch. They are my drug of choice and I need therapy. #cookiesaremydrug

- I fall off the sexy wagon in the winter. No really I do. I barely do my nails, forget combing my hair unless its a weekend and I'm going out and my feet are scary. I try so hard to not let it happen but it does. I get so pale and its so cold and I don't want to get out of bed in the morning and my cute knee high socks cover my too hairy legs. Luckily The Boyfriend continues to lie to my face and tell me I am beautiful and pretend he doesnt notice and I can hide my feet with socks. Maybe confessing this is the first step on the road to recovery??  #ineedhelp #wintermakesmeugly 

So there you have it. Some serious confessions today. 

What are you confessing?? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Tuesdays...

Somehow Tuesday still feels like a Monday after a long weekend. How was everyone's weekend?? I wish I could say I did more but really the weather in Chicago makes me a big ass sissy. I saw the temp on Sunday and said Nope...and then yesterday it was so cold I didn't get to go ice skating with my nephew as planned. So I'll just share the few pictures I did get this weekend...

Went to have Sushi and see The Revenant for date night on Friday and The Boyfriend was dying before dinner....

- The Revenant was fantastic. Some of my friends were not a fan of the whole Leo dragging himself around for about 45 minutes but I loved it. I also love Tom Hardy and it was crazy how not like himself he looked!

- My friend came home for the weekend and we had this whole crazy night out planned but after driving for 13 hours and being up for 24 she all about getting dinner, a couple drinks and heading home to sleep before she had to leave again. I was super excited just to see her though!

- Sunday was spent watching Foosball with The Boyfriend and his buddy. Unfortunately, the Seahawks are out. They came back strong but it just wasn't enough to win the game. BUT omg the jokes on Twitter about Russell Wilson were killing me. Too much. 

- I was supposed to go Ice Skating with my nephew and sister on MLK day since we had off but I woke up to this nonsense....

-So there was no skating...Instead I meal prepped for the next few days since I am working and then off to school till 9 pm Monday-Thursday now...Yuck. 

I'm going to go creep on your blogs now! 

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