Thursday, January 7, 2016


Resolving: Nada. I don't do  really do resolutions I like to make small goals for myself year round and really just strive to be happy! 

Reading: 5th Wave by Rick Yancey- So far it is great! I love post-apocalyptic time novels and also I am excited to see the movie when it comes out! 

Listening to: Lindsey Sterling on my pandora station! She is great for worktime listening. 

Smelling: My theraflu gross but I am dying over here so I need it.  

Planning: A weekend trip for a long weekend in February and Spring break in March! The Boyfriend and I will probably do a long weekend in a cabin w/ snowboarding/skiing in Feb and we are thinking of Nashville for Spring Break but I am really dying to go somewhere super warm so maybe wherever I can get a great deal will win. 

Needing: this nasty cold to go coworker to stop being such a pain in my ass. I mean really woman...get it together. 

Anticipating: Feeling better by Saturday so The Boyfriend and I can go for Ice skating and dinner/drinks with a big group! 

Regretting: not wearing more layers on Sunday at the game! Also, not saving some of that Rosca de reyes bread last night!! 

Organizing: my calendar, my day, my life?? I need to study, exercise, get ready for classes!! Ahhh so much. 

Loving: Life. My family, The Boyfriend. Really I'm just sharing all kinds of love. Another great year passed and I am super excited for 2016! 

Craving: Some Pho, I had some on Tuesday and it was sooo good I want more. Need it to feel better right???

Wishing: I had more monies for more trips this year!!! 

What are you currently doing? Link up with Anne & Jenna 

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lil desiqua said...

I've been craving Pho too! I always forget about it until the colder weather hits. And I LOVE Lindsey Sterling. Hope you're feeling better!

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