Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On Lotto Daydreams...

I saw this post up on Michael @ Crazy Tragic Almost Magic  about what she would do with the money she won from the ridiculously high Powerball and I thought I'd share my daydreams!!

It's past 1 billion now...so even with the DISGUSTING amount of taxes (like 2-500 million depending where you live) they would take out I could still end up with 800-900 million to take home...man oh man...

I will tell you the idea of winning that much money is kind of scary too. I wouldn't want my name in the papers/online, I wouldn't want anyone but my closest family and friends to know I won that money. 

So here is what I would do....

Invest & Savings accounts
I would immediately need to take a large chunk of the money away from myself because come on, I would spend it all away and not even know how I did it if I didn't. 

All Debt be gone! 
Mine, my parents, my siblings all debt gone, homes they own paid for, college tuition, student loans all gone! Even if I ended up losing it all as long as we were all debt free we could continue to live our lives  without that burden. 

A home or two? 
I would definitely buy a home here in Chicago first but I would love to also buy myself a home/resort in another country, preferably, Thailand. I don't really need more than 2 though. 

School and more school 
Do you know what that powerball money can't buy you? Time. I would still need to finish school but I would quit my day job and go to school full time until I was done. Then I would continue and honestly probably continue going to school for as long as I want. I love learning and I think it would be amazing to be able to do just do it without worrying about how I will pay for it. 
This also kind of is two categories because I would spend much more time volunteering too. Learning & Volunteering! I would definitely donate to the charities that are near to my heart like American Diabetes Association, Cancer Research, ASPCA and I would like to begin my own charity as well. 

More Giving
Along those lines I would be giving my parents a nice large chunk of that money, my siblings and their children would be set. I don't like any of my extended family enough to share the money with them. #Harshbutreal and my closest friends would each get some pennies to do with what they wish. 

Pinterest my life! 
All those home ideas, decorating, home library, nook, tiny homes..everything I've got pinned that I have ever wanted to do I could finally afford to do and not just daydream about! 
Ughhh that beautiful kitchen I've always dreamed up with all the fancy appliciances!! 

and then a maid to clean all that shit..because no gracias. 

and lastly...

Travel..so much travel 
So so much travel. I'd go see all the amazing things I want to see(during my allotted school breaks, of course) I'd spend some time really enjoying the places I go like I did when I lived abroad. No week here or 4 days there but real time. I could spend a month somewhere each time I wanted to go! 

When I look at this list...there isn't really anything different I would do that other people wouldn't. 


Stephanie said...

haha pinterest my life! I love that. It's so fun to daydream what I'd do with all that cash. (And then be super sad when SHOCK I don't win.) I'd sit on it for a loooooong time. Into high yield CDs it goes. Because I'd be too excited at first to make rational decisions so I think I'd tie most of it up until I could think clearly. I would buy a house right away, but that would only be about $500,000 anyway. Chump change in that scenario!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my gosh, i am the same - it is scary. i wouldn't want anyone to know i'd won the money. also, i think i would just be scared of having no purpose. my life isn't easy, but it's certainly not hard. of course i'd love to be debt free, travel more and give more, but i don't mind working for all those things, if that makes sense.

Life with Lolo said...

Hahaha I love how you put it as "Pinterest my life." Isn't that every girls dream? I'm with you, pay all the debts, get another degree, a summer home and travel the world!! Plus start my dream business or a pet rescue...

Nadine Lynn said...

Sounds fabulous to me! Wouldn't it be so stinking cool to win??? I would totally Pinterest my life hahaha.

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