Monday, January 11, 2016

On Mondays...Oh Mondays...

Oye. How did it get here so quickly?? What the Eff man.

How was everyone's weekend? 

I had a pretty good one, I relaxed for most of it since I was really fighting off a nasty cold/flu. It is finally down to a lingering cough that I can manage. 

I had organized a couple's Meetup to go Ice Skating and have dinner/drinks for Saturday night and, of course, because that is my life it decides to rain/snow all day long. ALL DAY. I kept telling people it was fine it was just snow but then it turned to rain and I was like shit. In the end only 2 couples showed up and it worked out perfectly! The rain turned to snow and it was pretty and fluffy and all very winter in Chicago! 

We went to Maggie Daly Park for their ice skating ribbon which is kind of just a lot more fun then skating in a closed circle with a ton of people downtown. 
Of course, this photo is not mine because it is too nice but I wanted people to see what I am talking about! 

I didn't wear a hat so people could easily find my curly hair and well...bad idea. My hair was completely soaked by the time we finished skating and I was FREEZING. I ended up using the hand dryer in the bathroom to help dry up my hair a bit before we went to dinner. (I really should have gotten a picture of that)
Trying to keep myself still and standing long enough to take a photo! 
You can see my soaked hair in this one! 

If you don't follow me on Snapchat @Monipins you really should because sometimes I can actually be kind of funny. And you would have been able to see me attempting to stay upright while skating and taking a video! 

A last one because this is what happens when I have tried to take a good selfie 5 times. 


lil desiqua said...

Selfie outtakes are my favorite lol. That's a cute pic! I'd be so afraid of falling and people skating over my hair! Looks like a great time ice skating even though the weather wasn't exactly cooperating!

Life with Lolo said...

That last pic is adorable. Selfies are hard, even not on ice! I'm a terrible skater but the idea of a skating dates sounds so fun! Maybe I need to take lessons or something to make it happen...

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Hahahaha... I've definitely had to use the hand dryer, too!

Emily said...

Your couples night sounds like a nice Sat night! Love the snow flurries!

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