Monday, February 29, 2016

On Mondays

Heyo!! It is Monday again. I am actually feeling kinda good because I slept like a baby last night. FINALLY!

Lets talk about this weekend. I really didn't have that exciting of a time so not too much to report.

- Friday there was studying & catching up on my shows. I have another quiz & exam this week so I knew I had to get it done. I have only really been able to keep up with 2-3 of my shows right now so I watched The Bachelor, Scandal and Izombie.

-Saturday I had brunch with my roommate at Orange which is one of my fave brunch places because they have Frushi & these delicious flight of pancakes with themes but of course I forgot my lactaid pills so no pancakes for me. 

Then we headed off to Lush where I proceeded to just throw my money at the cashier while I stocked up on all my stuff. Plus I had 5 empty containers so I got a free mask! Yay!! I decided to try Cupcake! 

Saturday night The Boyfriend and I had our Vday makeup dinner. We went away for the weekend of Valentine's day but didn't end up going out to dinner or anything since it snowed and snowed and we just wanted to relax. We headed to the north burbs by him to Di Pescara.  We went last year and decided to do it again. The food is fantastic! I actually didn't take pics of our food or anything because it was a nice romantic night and I didn't want to pull out my phone. 

Sunday- We got up bright & early and headed to Sarkis for what I assume could be called brunch. It is a janky little spot in the burbs by him that is delicious and always full of college students who look hungover. Luckily the weather was amazing! then I headed to my parents to hang out and study some more. Drove all the way back home meal prepped for the next few days and did more homework. Very exciting life! 

A loretta with Chorizo and we shared some veggie hash! 

and that about sums up my weekend. OOoh and Leo finally won an Oscar!!! What are we going to do with all those hilarious memes???

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Somehow I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. WHY?!!! It is about that time I catch you all up on what is going on in this lovely life of mine....

Reading: Winter by Marissa Meyer I am loving it. I dig the whole Cyborg Cinderella loose following of fairy tales in a post WW4 world. I was still trying to figure out who Winter was but after the last chapter I got it(I probably should have caught it from the cover too). If you are looking for something fun and a little different this is a great series! Also, I am looking for some new books so if you are on goodreads find me! 

Listening: So since that Bachelor episode I wanted to find out who this Amos Lee is. Now I know and it works great for listening to in the background while I work. 

Wanting: A nap? Vacation? A massage? Really the list could go on and on..oh and chocolate chip cookies.  

Eating: I just finished a Premiere shake for breakfast because i didn't have time to cook and I had to force myself to avoid Starbucks this morning. 

Celebrating: Tonight is the last of three tests this week and then I will celebrate. But for now I am celebrating the fact that after 3 days of trying to understand something in my Statistics class I finally got it. Seriously...doing the same types of problems over and over for 3 days trying to get it led me to tears. BUT after The Boyfriend took the time to slow it down and work with me I got it and now I don't have to do them again till final. 

Watching: Scandal, The Bachelor, Izombie are pretty much the only shows I am current on right now, hoping to have some time this weekend to catch up on my other faves. 

Waiting: For nice weather to come back. I am so desperate for summer I can taste it! We had what was supposed to be a blizzard yesterday and really was just horrible 50 mph winds and a dusting of snow. Egh. Chicago. 
done with this nonsense. 
Loving: That I have 30 days until I see my favorite Canadian and we reunite in Punta Cana. I am so freaking excited to see her and just relax for 5 days. AND this super cute summery dress I got a Nordstrom Rack last weekend. It is going to be damn cute for Street fests! 

Wearing: My sweater poncho thingy and leggings. It is warm, soft and can still pay for business casual when I wear the right shoes! 

So that is my life in a short blog post. So easy sometimes. What is currently going on with you!?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On Wednesday Confessions...

Oooooh its finally Humpday!!

Soo on Wednesdays...we confess. Right? 

I confess...

- Even though I studied my ass off on Sunday I still bombed my Chem quiz. Seriously Chemistry is a bitch. Also...I do admit this was my fault for letting this stuff creep on me instead of reviewing regularly like I should. But still...Chemistry is a bitch. #chemistryhatesme When the teacher reviewed the quiz answers on the projector this way me: 

- I went to the gym on Monday and I was all like "yea I got this leg day" Ummm no you don't got this because you haven't worked out in a few weeks...that is what someone should told me. It is Wednesday and I can barely walk. I stretched, I took my BCAAs...I look like I just got off a 6 hour hourseback ride. #butdidyoudie

- I'm moving at the end of the month into a new apartment and as excited as I am (because I really really needed to move) I hate packing. HATE IT. I am also moving the day after I get back from vacation so that means I have to make sure my stuff is all packed before I go. Who does this to themselves? #fuckitillbeahobo  I would much rather shove everything in garbage bags and go but I am taking this opportunity to get rid of useless shit. #ilivelikeacollegestudent I own nothing but my bed and tv. Seriously. Has been this way for years now and even though that sounds terrible I love it. I can say ok I'm leaving Chicago tomorrow and all I have is clothes, books, a bed and a tv. 

- I typed all that out and then realized...shit I have to lose some weight for vacation, get ready for mid terms, pack up to move, pack for vacation and then move all in the next 6 weeks. WTH. #someonejustkillmenow

- I have been reading a series The Lunar Chronicles and they are killing me. I should be studying but instead I keep buying the books on my damn kindle and reading reading reading. #booksarebetterthanpeople 
I am going to be poor because now I can hoard books onto a kindle and not realize how bad it is until I see the charges. I prefer a real book to the ebook but I also CAN NOT add anymore to my collection because then they must be packed when I want to move. 

I think that is all I have for you today. Of course, I will think of something as soon as I hit publish but whatever. What are you confessing today? 
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Monday, February 22, 2016

on Weekends

I'd usually complain about Monday but really I am doing alright this morning. First day of a new 6 week challenge which also means I am 5.5 weeks till vacation! Oooo yea!

Friday night the Boyfriend and I went to see Deadpool. He was actually pretty skeptical leading up the movie coming out because he was never really about that Marvel life. Since I have a younger brother I have been hyped for the movie for almost a year. Let me tell did not disappoint. It was as hilarious and inappropriate and fantastic as I had hoped and I can't wait to watch it again. The Boyfriend actually really enjoyed it and was surprised but how good it was. 
If you haven't seen it.

Saturday was spent getting chores, errands and a bit of relaxing in before the Boyfriend and I headed to the Chicago Auto Show.   Neither of us had been in a few years and we thought it would be a fun couple of hours to check out and daydream about some beautiful cars. Turns out I am basically partial to all cars that look like mine(Nissan Versa) and he really likes bigger cars. Some of my favorites were the Hyundai Genesis G90 and the new VW Beetles. I have no intentions of getting a new car until this one is run into the ground but its nice to think about. 

We look exhausted...both of us were worn out this week! 

Sunday I got to have Brunch at Kingsbury Cafe and do some shopping with my friend Toni and then I spent the rest of the day doing homework and studying at Starbucks. I got more homework done yesterday than I have so far in this semester.
I should have taken more pics but all I have is my delicious bloody mary! 

It was a good weekend! How was your weekend? 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Faves!

OOhh two times in one week...maybe I have a shot at getting my blogger life back together! It is finally Friday and even though I've only worked since Wednesday this week I feel I've been running around crazy since. I wanted to share some of my faves from the past couple weeks...

{1} Punta Cana! 
In a skype convo with my Canadian bestie we decided we should take a vacation for my Spring Break. So what did we do? Get online and search until we found a spot and called up the travel company and booked it over Skype. It was awesome and I seriously am so damn excited to see her! The Boyfriend is sad he doesn't get to join but he can't miss that much class. So T-35 days! 
This is the resort we are staying at Grand Bahia Principe in Putna Cana 

{2} Packzi's  from Dinkels
So once a year I will indulge in some delicious Packzis and I always get them from Dinkels They have amazing deliciousness all the time but they just do a fantastic job with them. Sooooo fresh! I had to fill out a form and wait with a number for about 20 minutes but it was worth it. The Fresh strawberry just about killed me it was so good. 

{3} Mom's Bday 
So my amazing mother had a birthday this past Friday! My sister and I decided to spend the day with her having mani/pedi's, sushi and just family time. It was awesome and a really great way to start my long weekend. I am seriously lucky to have the relationship I have with my mother! 

{4} Egg Harbor - Weekend away 
I originally thought I would make a post about the weekend away with The Boyfriend but since we really didn't do much with all the snow and cold and just took advantage of lazy time away together I don't have enough pics to warrant a photo. We plan to go back in the summer so we can get the full experience. 

{5} Straight hair! 
I don't straighten my hair as much as I used to simply because I am lazy and my hair is long af but I wanted to do something different short of coloring or cutting it again. So I went to Trixie's Blowdry Bar and got my hair straightened. They were fantastic and fast and look how beautiful my locks look!! Best of all I got to read my kindle while someone did my hair. 

This is all I have for you now...I have a ton of homework and no interest in doing it so my weekend probably won't be all that exciting. I hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Confessions of a bad blogger...

Shitballs. How is it Wednesday already??? Seriously. 

I confess...

- I have been a terrible blogger. There I said it. I can't get my shit together. I keep trying but then 3 days pass by and I haven't blogged and I get all stressed out and then yea I just walk away from my computer #illbebettermaybe

- Coming back to work after having 5 days off will really make you think about if you like your job or not. I don't hate my job but I realize as I get up everyday that I am really glad I finally decided to change my major and put real effort into school. It is hard but at the end of the year I will have to quit my job to go to focus on school and even though its scary I am actually really excited. #freakingoutbutexcited

- It was really really great to get away for the weekend with The Boyfriend. We didn't really do much besides relax and enjoy being cozy by the fake(but heated) fireplace and watch a shit ton of Making a Murderer. Listen...watching that shit when you are an hour away from the town is kinda freaky. #makingamurder  is kinda scary shit. Seriously. I actually made The Boyfriend switch driving with me when we got near the town. I mean I get that Steven Avery was a whole different situation but being #browninwisconsin now scares me too. Basically everything does! 

- I am super effing shitballs excited for all my shows to come back. I have them marked on my calendar and everything. Scandal just coming back was like #hallelujaoliviaisback kinda shit. But yea House of Cards is coming too...yea bitches. I'm excited. 

- I am starting a 6 week challenge with some friends and doing it up on google docs so people can join. We will check in on Mondays. Basically you follow whatever diet you want and set a weight loss & exercise per week goal and see if you reach it. No monies involved just knowing you did it. If you are interested let me know and I'll send you the link for the doc! #6weeksfatattack #getsweatybitches
OMG these effing kill me seriously!  

and last one...

- School is hard. Chemistry is the asshole's devil uncle and Statistics is his bitch. That is all. #savemefromlearningplease

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

On Gender Reveal Dinners...

Hey hey hey! I'm back today! This past weekend went by soooo quickly as did Monday-Wednesday. I am off Friday-Tuesday and The Boyfriend and I are going up to Door County, WI to relax and spend some time together for a few of those days.

Finally my sis gave me the go ahead to post about the dinner party we had for her on Saturday. She is having a baby!!! I get to be an aunt x 2! Wooo!!!

So since she is extra extra impatient and she wanted to get the test results (to be sure the baby was healthy) as soon as she could she asked for gender as well. So that it would be a surprise her best friend got the results and called me so I could set up the dinner! Soooo, of course, I pinterest the hell out of that shit. and Bam! Here we go...
The prep...I had to fill some 36" balloons w/pink tissue paper! Did this instead of confetti so when they pop it would not just fall to the ground and big clump. 

My messy yet successful "?" gender cupcakes! 

That's camera is just annoying! 
Some of the food I made! 

The exciting part....the reveal! 

Of course they weren't looking...

Their reactions were hilarious! My sister was sooo excited and even though dad was too..he needed a moment to accept that he was going to be a dad to a little girl! 

Some more random pics from the night! 

We bought these fun stickers "Team Pink" and "Team Blue" from Amazon with a tally board and everyone who came in had to pick a sticker. Obviously I didn't pick one which drove them nuts until the reveal! In the end we had more "Team Blue" votes and well...they were wrong! 

It was a great evening, my sister was super happy and we are all soooo excited for the newest member to hurry up and join us!! 

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