Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On Wednesday Confessions....

I haven't confessed in awhile!

I confess...

- I am so damn tired. Seriously. I thought since I have spring break from school this week that my week would easier but nope. Still need to work, pack up my apartment, get all homework done and pack for the trip  before i go! NOT ENOUGH TIME! #fivemoreminutesplease #maketheclockstop

- When I get stressed I get mean. Not really men by serious asshole standards but mean enough that people notice. Maybe I should be mean all the time then people won't notice a difference? #sorryimtoonice #backoffimgrumpy

- Pulling out my swimsuits yesterday was a special kind of hell. I guess eating everything I see for the past 5-6 months was not going to make me smaller? Why the eff didn't I know this shit? #swimsuitsarethedevil #illjustberollypolly 

Pretty sure I used this one on Monday?! 

- In all seriousness though...I am so excited to go to Punta Cana. 6:00 am Friday can not get here fast enough. I can't even sleep because I'm so excited I keep thinking about how I will get to read all the books Im hoarding on my kindle and finally get my tan back! #springbreakishere #readingislife 

- I haven't been keeping up with reading blogs so sometimes I sit and creep on a blog trying to catch up. I always feel weird. Like when I haven't been on Instagram for a while and I am about to like a photo thats 3 weeks old. I look like a creeper?? #sorrynotsorry #Iguessimacreeper 

- The week before Spring Break kids are nuts. I think they can feel it in their bones even if they don't actually know its coming. Seriously. It is nuts this week. 

That is all I've got for you today! It's my Thursday at work so I need to get shit done! 
What are you confessing?

Link up! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On how to pack/prep for vaca cheap!

I love to it. 

Unfortunately, I am not in a place financially where I can take all the trips I want to so I have to keep my eye on cheap flights and book the best deals I can and find ways to keep everything cheap so I can afford more than one trip. 

Here are the top 3 ways I keep prepping and packing for a trip cheap. 

1. Carry on always. I hate to check a bag so I do anything possible to make all my vacation essentials fit into a carry on and tote bag. EVERYTHING possible for a few reasons. 
1. I'm cheap. I don't want to pay $25-55 each way to check a bag they could possibly lose 
2. I hate worrying that they will break something or lose my bag 
3. I hate waiting for my bag
4. I would rather spend that money on something fun

That money can be spent on an excursion, an awesome souvenir or even a massage, don't waste it because you had to pack those 3 extra pairs of shoes you don't actually need. 

2ish...the way around liquids... You do not need to purchase travel size things every time you travel. That can add up. Use makeup wipes, break sunscreen into smaller containers(this is better anyway because then you can keep one with you at all times)  Break down what you already have into smaller 3 oz bottles. You can buy a pack of the travel size bottles with a bag for under $10 one time and use them every time. Pour your shampoo, conditioner, blah blah blah into those bottles. I re-use my small Lush containers for travel. It works perfectly! 

Why? Because it is a slippery slope once you go out and start buying travel size items for your trip. Its starts with "I need a 3 oz toothpaste" and ends with " I just spent $78 at Target for travel stuff" 
I know that life believe me. 

3. You don't need new clothes/swimsuits. Nope. I used to buy dresses specifically for the girls trips I used to take and all these new outfits and swimsuits every single time and then I realized if I am going on a trip to a beach I can wear my summer clothes from home. Most of us already have more than 2 swimsuits unless they get ruined or don't fit anymore. We do not need to buy a new one for every trip. No one cares. I promise you. They aren't cheap. Buying brand new clothes to wear on a trip? Nope. No gracias.  I know this doesn't apply to every trip sometimes you might actually need to buy something specific but if not then don't waste the money. 

Check out Pinterest for great ways to re-purpose clothes you already have. If you have a bf/husband steal a couple of his shirts and make a dress or a cute top with it. Free and cute! 

So there you have it. Really those are the main ways I keep it as close to cheap as possible...avoiding baggage fees and buying new anything! Save the money you would spend for all of that for your trip or keep it in the bank for the next trip! 

Do you have any ways that you pack/prep for vacation cheaply? 

Monday, March 21, 2016

On Monday's before Spring Break...

Being back on Monday after Saturday Parent teacher conferences is not fun...BUT we only have 4 days this week and then Spring Break! Then I am off to Punta Cana! 

Friday...since I knew I worked all day Saturday I told my friend I could only do dinner & drinks and be home at a reasonable hour. Do you think that happened? definitely did not. Skipped dinner went straight to drinks and too many of them...there were a few stops and dancing and getting home so late I might as well have stayed awake. was a great night! 

Saturday...started with a hangover from hell. Seriously. How I managed to dress myself is a possible miracle and I got to school with a bagel sandwich and my pedialyte in hand. I managed to make it through the day without hurting anyone or falling asleep. Then The Boyfriend and I went out for some sushi and back home to netflix. Never been so happy to have a food coma in my life! 

Sunday...up bright & early to go to my parents. Since I am on vaca this weekend we decided to do a little Easter brunch a week early. Went to my parents and had brunch and then we went to see my brother in his last high school play and his first musical "The Little Mermaid" he was awesome and I was emotional. I can't believe I have a brother who will graduate high school this year! How is that possible!?! 

For once I got a cute pic w/my mom on the 1st try! 

My nephew finding eggs 

King Triton & Sebastian

So yea it was a good but short weekend! Are you ready for this week? 
Are you lucky enough to be counting down to spring break too?? 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

On St. Patrick's Day...

I am sooo ready for today to be Friday! Its been a long week. 

Last Saturday the City of Chicago celebrated St. Patrick's Day in the best way we know how...with booze. So The Boyfriend and I got up around 7 am (on a freaking Saturday) and dressed ourselves to meet friends. He was going to meet his friends to start the boozing and I went to meet friends to see them dye the river and then start drinking...either drinking was the plan. 

Then we started drinking...
We decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe since they have a fun outdoor/heated tent party with live music & Food. We spent most of the morning there before we headed to another spot for a bit. 

This is the face of too many ciders....

Then I left the group to meet up with The Boyfriend and his friends and basically wrap up our night. We were both pretty drunk and by the time I got to him the first thing he said was "Thank god your here, I'm ready get some food and go home" Apparently I took too long to get there. We hung out for a little longer and then hopped in a cab(Uber was 2.9x that night) and ordered food to be delivered. 

I'd say that was a pretty good attempt to celebrate this year! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On Why I Vote...

I was going to do a weekend update but since all I did was celebrate St. Patrick's day I will save that for Thursday.

It's March 15th so in Illinois and 4 other midwest states it is time to vote in the primaries. I've seen so much crazy on social media and in blogs and just everywhere lately because its an election year and sometimes its great to see people be so involved and interested and sometimes it is just downright scary.

So here is why I vote.

1. Because we can. As an American citizen I have the right to vote, to express some concern for who will be governing at the local, state and national level. There are still places in the world where the citizens can't vote, can't afford to vote or have so many restrictions they are unable to.

2. Because I am a woman who can vote. It was really not that long ago that women did not have the right to vote in this country and there are still MANY women in this world who can't and may never get to vote. They don't have that luxury. I do. 

3. Because I care about the decisions being made that effect my future. The elected officials locally, statewide and nationally all make decisions that can effect our lives in one way or another. I care if they change laws that pertain to women's health and their decisions about their bodies, I care if they raise my taxes when I get to certain bracket, I care if my brother who is about to graduate high school also has to end up with nearly 6 figures in student debt in order to get a degree. I care if my sister has to stress about whether she can afford daycare for her child or needs to get an even lower paying job with less hours so she doesn't have to pay half her check for it. These things matter. 

4. Because I don't want the majority of voters making choices about our politicians to be over the age of 50 and not in touch with the reality of younger generations. THEY are the ones that vote, they are the ones who encourage the decisions that people my age and younger bitch about and think make no sense. Don't like? Get your ass out and vote. 

5. Because I am a minority. Not only am I am woman, I am also a minority. I was born here BUT that doesn't change the color of my skin, the background, the family I come from. I refuse to be a statistic, another Latin female who doesn't vote, who doesn't participate in making any changes. I have family that were immigrants and I have friends that are immigrants. I have opinions and concerns about the immigration policies in place and suggested by candidates. They matter. 

6. Because I have no right to complain if I don't. If you don't vote you have no right to be disgusted by certain candidates or complain about the current President or bitch about any of that. You didn't participate on any level. Politicians don't elect themselves they have to start somewhere. They don't pull ideas out of their asses, if your congressman is doing a shit job then when they are up for reelection they can be booted. Get involved. 

So there you have it. 
I didn't mention who I voted for because that is not really relevant and also I don't have time to get into a keyboard war with anyone who disagrees. So if your state hasn't voted yet, get on it when they do. If they have and you didn't vote then register and make sure you do in November. 
If you are not sure if you are registered to vote you can check here! 
For more information about the candidates check out
Take advantage and be involved. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

On Fridays I share...

It's Friday yo! no seriously I am so happy its finally here.

So lets see...some of the highlights/faves of this week: 

- Midterms are over. Yes. Yes. Yes. Statistics if the effing devil and Chemistry makes my brain hurt but the midterms are done and I can focus on making it through next week before my school spring break. Yes!!! 
this may have been my to have something to look forward to right?? 

- Chicago is partying for St. Patty's this weekend and so am I! My entire Saturday is blocked off for what I hope to fill with booze and brunch and more booze...oh and we will go see the river dyeing too because I haven't done that in ages. 

- This song. Cara "Here" Every time it comes on I sing along and I finally bought it so I could listen whenever I want. I love the lyrics and I totally get the lyrics which I rarely come across in stuff on the radio anymore. 

- Hoarding books. Ok so I mentioned last week that after reading a post I was able to find all these new books. Well now I am hoarding them. I've had my kindle well over a year and only had about 8 books on it. Now? At least 50+. In the span of 2 weeks. I have a problem. I really do wish Kindle would release like 1 or 2 non-romance or 300 page books free weekly or something though. I do love to read the shorter YA and romance books but it seems like that is all they have for free.

- New laptop/tablet...I am in the market for a new tablet/laptop for school. My laptop is ginormous and I have a kindle so I feel like it kind of sucks but i would like to have a tablet/laptop that i can take notes both text & handwritten and be able to draw on and also small/lightweight. Any ideas?? Right now I am looking at the new Samsung Tab or the Ipad Air but I kind of promised myself I would never go back to an Apple anything so I don't know!!! 

I am ready for the about you?? 

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