Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Faves!

It's finally Friday!! 

Lets see some of my faves this week...

1. Got that second quiz back yo!!! Check it out...

There was a time when a B was not good enough...It is no longer that time. #thestruggleisreal 

2. Tried out my new Cupcake mask from Lush! 

I'm not naked I swear! Anyway I loved it and basically wanted to eat my face off while I waited for it to dry. Check out the info here! My face was kind of a mess the last few weeks with eating so much junk and running out of my goodies so hopefully this will help it get back on track! 

My Canadian bestie has been asking me if I plan to move to Canada if Trump wins all the time so she sent me the article. It makes me laugh and cringe because really. How is this even a possibility? 

Even have officials in Canda tweeting info out! This is crazy. Please make it stop. 

4. Just started Matched by Ally Condie and I love it so far! You may recall I am not supposed to be spending any of my free time reading but ya know what? #idowhatiwant No really...I would be miserable if I wasn't able to do some reading for fun at least 10-15 minutes a day. 

5. This post from Kristin at See You in a Porridge about Places to get Cheap or Free Books! I don't know I how I wasn't aware of most of these but I have now downloaded about 20+ books in the last few days as well as learned how to take advantage of renting ebooks from my library!! Do it and thank her! 

6. I found out about this deodorant from Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect 

I know I know its Old Spice but this shit seriously smells like something sweet and it works SOOO much better than what I was using before. I am a sweaty girl, I admit it so I need some serious business and this works and smells great! Sooo yea I love those Thursday posts! 

and because I think that is all some of my fave memes or gifs from this week...

This one is terrible but hilarious...
Black Twitter kills me...seriously every time. 


Marie said...

I totally use men's deodorant. Not only does it work better but it usually is cheaper. Oh man I don't think I could have use a face mask that smells like cupcakes, I would be too tempted to eat it.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

aw thanks so much for the shout out girl! so glad it helped you! i have matched sitting on my nightstand so i'm glad to hear you like it! i use mens deodorant, womens doesn't work. i will have to look into that old spice one. meanwhile, i had to read that first thing out loud 'madarfacars' in order to get it hahahaha :-\

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

1) that kim jong tweet - make me google black twitter because that's hilarious.

2) i heard that the canadian immigration site CRASHED due to a surge in people hitting up the site to see how to immigrate to the great white north. made me laugh!

Steph and Tara Show said...

Yes! I'm so glad you love the posts and the deodorant. I don't even know how that's supposed to be a men's deodorant though, it's a total girl scent. Like candy. I love it though, works so well, glad I could get someone else on the bandwagon!

Stephanie said...

That's me ^^ forgot to sign out of the podcast site. But I'm sure you figured it out :)

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