Friday, March 11, 2016

On Fridays I share...

It's Friday yo! no seriously I am so happy its finally here.

So lets see...some of the highlights/faves of this week: 

- Midterms are over. Yes. Yes. Yes. Statistics if the effing devil and Chemistry makes my brain hurt but the midterms are done and I can focus on making it through next week before my school spring break. Yes!!! 
this may have been my to have something to look forward to right?? 

- Chicago is partying for St. Patty's this weekend and so am I! My entire Saturday is blocked off for what I hope to fill with booze and brunch and more booze...oh and we will go see the river dyeing too because I haven't done that in ages. 

- This song. Cara "Here" Every time it comes on I sing along and I finally bought it so I could listen whenever I want. I love the lyrics and I totally get the lyrics which I rarely come across in stuff on the radio anymore. 

- Hoarding books. Ok so I mentioned last week that after reading a post I was able to find all these new books. Well now I am hoarding them. I've had my kindle well over a year and only had about 8 books on it. Now? At least 50+. In the span of 2 weeks. I have a problem. I really do wish Kindle would release like 1 or 2 non-romance or 300 page books free weekly or something though. I do love to read the shorter YA and romance books but it seems like that is all they have for free.

- New laptop/tablet...I am in the market for a new tablet/laptop for school. My laptop is ginormous and I have a kindle so I feel like it kind of sucks but i would like to have a tablet/laptop that i can take notes both text & handwritten and be able to draw on and also small/lightweight. Any ideas?? Right now I am looking at the new Samsung Tab or the Ipad Air but I kind of promised myself I would never go back to an Apple anything so I don't know!!! 

I am ready for the about you?? 


Stephanie said...

haha there was an episode of hoarders, it was here in Chicago, where it was literally all books. Just stacks and stacks, walls and hallways made out of books. With the kindle you just don't see it so bad ;)

lil desiqua said...

Have you checked out Netgalley yet? LOTS of different genres of books to download for free, and sent directly to your Kindle :) So jealous about the river dyeing! It looks so cool! Enjoy your weekend girl!

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

FYI...tablets are awful to take notes on without an external keyboard. you'll just wind up getting frustrated or buying a portable keyboard!

i can't believe i'm saying this but the Windows surface is actually a pretty good hybrid. the only downfall is that you have to pay extra for Office (wtf, right?) but hey, i guess they have to make their money some way.

while i hear you on the apple peripherals, i do love their computers; those are on point. go for a macbook or air.

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