Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On how to pack/prep for vaca cheap!

I love to travel...love it. 

Unfortunately, I am not in a place financially where I can take all the trips I want to so I have to keep my eye on cheap flights and book the best deals I can and find ways to keep everything cheap so I can afford more than one trip. 

Here are the top 3 ways I keep prepping and packing for a trip cheap. 

1. Carry on always. I hate to check a bag so I do anything possible to make all my vacation essentials fit into a carry on and tote bag. EVERYTHING possible for a few reasons. 
1. I'm cheap. I don't want to pay $25-55 each way to check a bag they could possibly lose 
2. I hate worrying that they will break something or lose my bag 
3. I hate waiting for my bag
4. I would rather spend that money on something fun

That money can be spent on an excursion, an awesome souvenir or even a massage, don't waste it because you had to pack those 3 extra pairs of shoes you don't actually need. 

2ish...the way around liquids... You do not need to purchase travel size things every time you travel. That can add up. Use makeup wipes, break sunscreen into smaller containers(this is better anyway because then you can keep one with you at all times)  Break down what you already have into smaller 3 oz bottles. You can buy a pack of the travel size bottles with a bag for under $10 one time and use them every time. Pour your shampoo, conditioner, blah blah blah into those bottles. I re-use my small Lush containers for travel. It works perfectly! 

Why? Because it is a slippery slope once you go out and start buying travel size items for your trip. Its starts with "I need a 3 oz toothpaste" and ends with " I just spent $78 at Target for travel stuff" 
I know that life believe me. 

3. You don't need new clothes/swimsuits. Nope. I used to buy dresses specifically for the girls trips I used to take and all these new outfits and swimsuits every single time and then I realized if I am going on a trip to a beach I can wear my summer clothes from home. Most of us already have more than 2 swimsuits unless they get ruined or don't fit anymore. We do not need to buy a new one for every trip. No one cares. I promise you. They aren't cheap. Buying brand new clothes to wear on a trip? Nope. No gracias.  I know this doesn't apply to every trip sometimes you might actually need to buy something specific but if not then don't waste the money. 

Check out Pinterest for great ways to re-purpose clothes you already have. If you have a bf/husband steal a couple of his shirts and make a dress or a cute top with it. Free and cute! 

So there you have it. Really those are the main ways I keep it as close to cheap as possible...avoiding baggage fees and buying new anything! Save the money you would spend for all of that for your trip or keep it in the bank for the next trip! 

Do you have any ways that you pack/prep for vacation cheaply? 


Stephanie said...

Carry ons always! I can fit my whole wardrobe into a carry on so I'm never concerned. I wish I could fit more liquids because I like/need mini-bottles of liquor for flights. But I can always buy them once inside the airport.

lil desiqua said...

Totally agree with most of these except the bathing suit one. I buy a new bathing suit every summer, but not for every trip! A lot of mine are mix and match though, so maybe not a whole suit, but a top or bottom. I never understand why people spend so much on travel size stuff- if you're staying in a hotel, you can get 1/2 the stuff for free! And hell yes to carry-on only- no fees, and no lost baggage!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i'm not gonna lie, part of the fun for me is buying new clothes and swimsuits haha. but i try and only buy things that i will wear after the vacation, and not just for the vacation. and yes to carry on only... screw checking a bag! my main reason is i seriously hate waiting at baggage claim haha. people are really rude there and it makes me want to hit them with my bag, except i can't get to my damn bag because they stand in front of me. rude.

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