Monday, March 21, 2016

On Monday's before Spring Break...

Being back on Monday after Saturday Parent teacher conferences is not fun...BUT we only have 4 days this week and then Spring Break! Then I am off to Punta Cana! 

Friday...since I knew I worked all day Saturday I told my friend I could only do dinner & drinks and be home at a reasonable hour. Do you think that happened? definitely did not. Skipped dinner went straight to drinks and too many of them...there were a few stops and dancing and getting home so late I might as well have stayed awake. was a great night! 

Saturday...started with a hangover from hell. Seriously. How I managed to dress myself is a possible miracle and I got to school with a bagel sandwich and my pedialyte in hand. I managed to make it through the day without hurting anyone or falling asleep. Then The Boyfriend and I went out for some sushi and back home to netflix. Never been so happy to have a food coma in my life! 

Sunday...up bright & early to go to my parents. Since I am on vaca this weekend we decided to do a little Easter brunch a week early. Went to my parents and had brunch and then we went to see my brother in his last high school play and his first musical "The Little Mermaid" he was awesome and I was emotional. I can't believe I have a brother who will graduate high school this year! How is that possible!?! 

For once I got a cute pic w/my mom on the 1st try! 

My nephew finding eggs 

King Triton & Sebastian

So yea it was a good but short weekend! Are you ready for this week? 
Are you lucky enough to be counting down to spring break too?? 


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

our march break already passed and it was a nightmare to be out in public with all the kids all over the place!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh that sushi looks so so good! hangovers suck. your brother looks awesome as Triton! i wish i had a spring break coming up. womp. punta cana, how exciting!!

lil desiqua said...

Hangovers totally suck. But... why pedialyte? Is that like Gatorade to restore electrolytes? You're brother makes a great Triton, and your nephew is super cute! Sounds like a great weekend (minus hangover)!

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