Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On Wednesday Confessions....

I haven't confessed in awhile!

I confess...

- I am so damn tired. Seriously. I thought since I have spring break from school this week that my week would easier but nope. Still need to work, pack up my apartment, get all homework done and pack for the trip  before i go! NOT ENOUGH TIME! #fivemoreminutesplease #maketheclockstop

- When I get stressed I get mean. Not really men by serious asshole standards but mean enough that people notice. Maybe I should be mean all the time then people won't notice a difference? #sorryimtoonice #backoffimgrumpy

- Pulling out my swimsuits yesterday was a special kind of hell. I guess eating everything I see for the past 5-6 months was not going to make me smaller? Why the eff didn't I know this shit? #swimsuitsarethedevil #illjustberollypolly 

Pretty sure I used this one on Monday?! 

- In all seriousness though...I am so excited to go to Punta Cana. 6:00 am Friday can not get here fast enough. I can't even sleep because I'm so excited I keep thinking about how I will get to read all the books Im hoarding on my kindle and finally get my tan back! #springbreakishere #readingislife 

- I haven't been keeping up with reading blogs so sometimes I sit and creep on a blog trying to catch up. I always feel weird. Like when I haven't been on Instagram for a while and I am about to like a photo thats 3 weeks old. I look like a creeper?? #sorrynotsorry #Iguessimacreeper 

- The week before Spring Break kids are nuts. I think they can feel it in their bones even if they don't actually know its coming. Seriously. It is nuts this week. 

That is all I've got for you today! It's my Thursday at work so I need to get shit done! 
What are you confessing?

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Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

haha i'm the same with social media...i dont go on for a while and then i go on and like all the old posts LOL

lil desiqua said...

Not a creeper! I loved that you liked my pic from 3/15 this morning lol! I'm the same way with blogs though, except then I comment bomb them, as I'm sure I've done to you! Good luck getting everything done, and have a great vacation!

Audrey Louise said...

Have fun on vacation!! I'm totally jealous!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i'm a total creeper when i'm a bit behind. speaking of being behind, you should be on vacation now, yayyy!! have the best time and read tons of books.

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