Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On Spring Break Trips to Punta Cana, pt. 1

Finally I get to share with you guys! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (Monipins on both) you got to follow along on my adventure and see some of the pics. Also after organizing the pics I realized I took over 200 so this is definitely getting broken up between today & Thursday!

First...we stayed at the Gran Bahia Prinicipe. On the website it said it was 5 resorts in one and we knew it looked large. It was huge. Seriously. We had to take these cute little trams to get from our room to the lobby/main diner and other sides of the resort. It was also probably the fanciest place either of us had ever stayed. I am 100 % a backpacker, airbnb girl. I did a lot of all inclusive back in my early 20's and I realized they are all the same and you can basically be anywhere. That said...still one of the nicest I have stayed in.

Our room was right by the beach and one of the pools as well as a snack bar so we could just walk down to the beach or back to the snack bar!

On the tram...I was still half asleep! 

Some dancers in one of the main lobbys

Hanging out on the beach chairs! 

One of the ala carte restaurants!

Pina Colada! 

The pool lights at night  

My drink of choice the whole trip! Banana Mama w/a rum floater  

A Burlesque show one of the nights 

We also spent a fantastic amount of time on the beach and in the water. I'm sure I have mentioned before how terrified I am of open water so nope didn't go past my chest. I know I know...Im a sissy.

or at the pool...

Thank goodness for a lifeproof case...seriously! I took that thing in the ocean, the pool, through mud and a cave and not a drop on the inside!! 

That is all for today...Thursday I will show you what we did when we weren't eating, drinking or baking ourselves in the sun! 

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Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh, so fun! i have never done anything all inclusive, maybe one day. i have an otterbox case, is the lifeproof one better? i don't want to take my phone underwater but i want to have it on the water if that makes sense, so if you say so, i'll have to buy it!! your drink of choice looks delicious. added you on snapchat :)

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