Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On Wednesday Confessions....

More Coffee Less Talky

I confess...

- Everytime I think of confessing I get the Usher song stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG.

- I feel like my body is still trying to catch up on all the rest I didn't get the past few months. I mean if I sit down for too long I can fall asleep. Its crazy. 

- My birthday is coming up fast and I realized I have no interest in organizing a big thing this year. That is the first time since I was like 20 that I haven't wanted to do something. Am I getting old? Or am I just not in the mood to deal with the excuses from the remaining friends I have? Who knows. 

- To go along with that though...I will be having a birthday month. I don't have to have a big party to celebrate for myself all month long! Signing up for all the websites so I can get the free stuffs! 

- The travelbug is hitting me hard. No travel bug isn't even the right word, I miss having a different lifestyle and being abroad. I think maybe just knowing Ive got another 2 years of this work/school crazy schedule that is making me want to say "Eff it" and just move to Spain. 

- I'm supposed to be saving as much money as I can but all the festival tickets are on sale and I just want to go to them all....Spring Awakening, Lolla, Mamby, Windy City Lake Shake, North Coast...Festival season will end and I will be living in a cardboard box on lower wacker drive. 

- I want the warm weather to get here but my arms are not ready for tank tops....Wth...why can't my body just do what I want it to do quickly? 

That is all I've got! What are you confessing today? Link up! 


Brianne said...

I've got the travel bug bad too. I mean I always want to travel, but my brother just spent a week in Japan & it's made me want to travel even more than normal.

Emily said...

Yes, Usher. Every week!
This year I turned 25, a pretty big birthday. I had no desire to do anything but eat tacos with my parents, boy friends, and like 3 friends. However, my birthday also conveniently fell on mardi gras, and I didn't have to plan a party or get together, it was already taken care of for me. So that was super nice and it was also really nice of my friends to take me out the night before. Enjoy your birth month!

Em, My Favorite Day

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

HELL YES! TREAT YOSELF BIRTHDAY MONTH. when i turned 40, i did 1 pamper sesh a week so for 4 wonderful weeks, i was either at the spa, at a massage, facial, acupuncture fancy dinner birthday month ever!!

Nadine Lynn said...

I rarely want to do more than just go to dinner for my birthday, so I get that. But treating yoself all month long? Always down for that!!!

Simply_Cyndi said...

Can I go to Spain with you? I need a new lifestyle too... I'm scare to death of the months ahead!!! Can I really start from square one again?

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