Friday, September 16, 2016

September: Currently!

How is September already? How quickly time flies right?

 Thought I would try something different...really need to learn to play with the computer and photos a little more. 

On to the fun parts...


Reading... Textbooks and more textbooks but also just finishing up "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn. Definitely recommend it!
Watching...Shameless! I am almost caught up. Been watching Elementary along the way too. I am not even near ready for my shows to start I am so far behind on everything. 

Loving... My niece and wishing like hell she lived closer (HELLO SISTER OF MINE...move closer please)
The day she was born!
Craving... Cookies! I am always craving cookies but just craving something super sweet right now.
Feeling...exhausted! Its only the second week back for the kids but man have there been serious tears. I had a kid who cried for an entire morning this week. AN ENTIRE MORNING. on a case study for my microbio class that I am excited to do! For some reason learning details infectious diseases is intriguing for me! another kid crying and some Lindsey Sterling on quietly. (BTW she is coming to Chicago next month!!!) Draft Kings line up for this Sunday/Monday. Got to win back my money dammit!!

Pinning...a recipe to make Crab Cakes because I am finally in a decent size kitchen again and can't wait to cook!
Wishing...that we could go back to 80+ degree days and everyone would slow down talking about Pumpkin Spice everything. I'm NOT READY.

That's all i've got for you! I hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oh hi there...

How do you even get back to blogging when you have been gone for almost 4 months? Who knows.
I'll tell you guys last semester got the best of me. I couldn't even pretend that my brain worked after my last final. The good news is that I passed all the classes and with better grades than anticipated! For now I just wanted to say hi and let you all know Ill be stalking your blogs and probably commenting on things from months ago. I did a ton this summer so hopefully I can get a few good posts about things to do in Chicago!

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