This is life

I often call myself your average girl...I may just be a little more than that. I am a twenty-something blogger in a generation riddled with them. I rant and rave about the nonsense that occurs in my everyday life. I am not this oh-so interesting single chick exploring the dating world or even anyone famous. I am a girl/woman(not quite fully either) trying to find my way. Sometimes I think I have it all worked out and other times I swear I might just give up and live under a rock. I love blogging as an outlet and yet I spend alot of time worrying that it might not be that good. I wish I could say I am so very clever but that is not the case. Expect a lot of rambling and just sit back and enjoy the shit that comes to my mind.

                                                        The parents
My sister and brother  
My sister and adorable nephew

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